on meal planning, again, and a happily meal planned new year

Dear online browser,

I hope your day was pretty good, but I guess if it was you'd be soundly sleeping or busily hustling at whatever is your life focused at the moment. So I presume that if you're hanging out here you're on a few minutes tuning out search. Yay, let us tune out together! Sometimes it just feels good to purposefully forget all the things we have to do, isn't it? I usually adopt internet window shopping to that extent. I even check prices of things I'll never buy, only to regret all the minutes that fly into hours when I pop into reality again and see all the chores left there screaming revenge (I'll see you later chores).

Yet I was here to meal plan with you. This is my big 2019 resolution. I want to knack the meal planning thing. I was blabbering about it only three years ago, and I still have to get over it.

After perusing and purchasing the usual truckload of cookbooks, I have made these very important ponderations:

1. human beings are divide…

pensieri sulle vacanze

Dear Reader,

first thank you for passing by and taking a few moments to think together.

As the holiday season is approaching, I want to share with you some reflections of my current mood:

1. I wish hope and relief to all the people suffering. I am especially thinking about a lovely 9 year old girl who's been recently diagnosed with cancer and I hope she'll recover soon and survive this painful time of her life. Same goes to all the children and other humans that are fighting their daily battle with disease.

2. I send strenght and courage to the loved ones surrounding the sufferers, may a good heart and a steady mind accompany them in their path of sustenance and support to their darlings in such moments of darkness;

3. To the rest of us, blissfully blessed by a momentanous peaceful life, always lost in the search of a mindful existence and unaware of the precious present that we are inhabiting, may we find equilibrium and a higher purpose in order to always grow and develop in…

frullato ACE


rape rosse e capperi




Buone Feste!

I am wishing you and myself the following:

1. to improve: a little goes a long way. I am actually realizing that it is better to take tiny steps than none at all waiting for the huge change that never arrives;

2. to be patient: to myself, to my significant and not so significant others. We can all have bad days, bad lives, bad whatevers, but we need to leave room to deal with it.

3. to find silence for a quiet soul: because it is so easy to get a mind crammed of work, family, friends, pain, emptiness and www.nonsense and to let another year slip by unnoticed.