rape rosse e capperi




Buone Feste!

I am wishing you and myself the following:

1. to improve: a little goes a long way. I am actually realizing that it is better to take tiny steps than none at all waiting for the huge change that never arrives;

2. to be patient: to myself, to my significant and not so significant others. We can all have bad days, bad lives, bad whatevers, but we need to leave room to deal with it.

3. to find silence for a quiet soul: because it is so easy to get a mind crammed of work, family, friends, pain, emptiness and www.nonsense and to let another year slip by unnoticed.

meet my dinner


pea guacamole

As you may know already, if you have happened to wander around this little corner of the internet, I kind of buy a few (read: too many) cookbooks. But how am I supposed to resist? Look at this beauty, I just blinked at it and it was love at first sight.

Totally intriguing book, with so many influences and bizarre ingredients, I am very happy with my investment and I'll try tonight the mock guacamole with peas and see what happens.

I know you may think why not testing some fancier recipes, but that means a bit of planning and outsourcing, so let me just get acquainted with it at first.

Have a nice time and thanks for stopping by.

quick oatmeal cookies