Eating pasta is a joy! Yes, it is good for your tummy, lots of healthy carbohydrates, it stays put in your fat cells for a while reminding your dearest ones how nice it is to give you a hug and perhaps how you should indulge just a bit less, but we are only humans.

Let’s talk seriously now, because pasta is a very important thing.

There are gazillions internet site and a plethora of nice books about our beloved staple.

First: I purchase readymade pasta in a shop, like many other beings in this planet. My mother, my grandmother, my aunts and so on, did purchase pasta in a shop. Some fortunate Italians make it at home. Take my friend I.: she moved in Bologna and the spirit took her in, now she rolls her own lasagna at home.
One day I will try to make homemade pasta, but so far this recipe is all about the sauce.

What I would like to share with you is how easy it is to cook your own pasta sauce. If you already know it, ignore me blatantly because we are talking basics here.

Soffritto: this is the secret starter of your own Italian fare. Take an onion (or some garlic if you prefer), peel it, wash it, slice it thinly and stir-fry it in a pan on low heat with some salt and olive oil to your taste. Voila’: soffritto is ready. 

Now you can add your sauce ingredients. I chose zucchini, so out of season, and smoked salmon, so festive in its bright pink hue.

Quarter a couple of zucchini and then slice it thinly. Throw them in the pan, adjust salt and olive oil and stir-fry until done on high heat, without scorching it, mind you.

Meanwhile have your pasta pot full of salted water on boil and cook pasta according to package directions. Don’t tell me if you cook it for endless hours because it is never soft enough, as I could be irremediably shocked. Try to cook it everyday a bit less until you reach divine timing of package directions and if you want it al dente, drain it a minute before that. Buy expensive imported Italian made pasta and enjoy.

Back to the recipe: fish the salmon out of its slimy package and tear it apart with your fingers, bit by bit, in tiny stripes. Toss them over the sizzling zucchini, sprinkle a few dollops of brandy, stir-fry on high and turn the heat off. Let the sauce cool down a bit and melt in some Greek yogurt. Toss the pasta in, mix and buon appetito.

I don’t have fresh dill, but I would have liked to have a sprig here. And perhaps some red pepper grains crushed coarsely.

What you need for a person:
A little onion (better a shallot), some olive oil and salt to your taste
1-2 ounces smoked salmon
1 small zucchini
A bit of Greek yogurt
3 ounces pasta

Optional garnishes: few dill sprigs, red pepper grains


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