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Cavolfiore con besciamella e formaggio

I had this beautiful giant cauliflower sitting elegantly in my fridge for a while, as usual
Then the other day I was browsing the Pioneer Woman site (which I totally adore) and stumbled upon this recipe and I thought: this is it!
Now there is a typical side dish, at least at my place, where we pair cauliflowers or fennel with besciamellaand some grated mature cheese, such as grana padano  or montasio vecchio.
So I decided to start from this and add Ree’s beautiful idea of a crumb topping.
As I did not have any broccoli, I substituted some bunches of fresh Swiss chard.
What you need (I used an older brother of this baking dish):
1 cauliflower, cut into florets, either steamed or blanched for a few minutes 3 small bunches of Swiss chard, cut into 1 inch pieces, either steamed or blanched for a few minutes 500 ml besciamellaor my shortcut milk sauce Cheese to please: I used about 50 g grana and 50 g montasio 1 bag Italian crackers, crumbled or ½ cup bread crumbs Generous sprinkle of black peppe…

not so quick lunch

Yesterday it was a good day for cooking, somehow, but a quite dispiriting day for parenting.
My beauty decided to go on a tantrum because we left earlier than planned grandparents’ place (we always leave earlier than he wishes for, even if it is 22.00 and grandparents are almost falling asleep).
Sometimes I get caught in tantrums, in the sense that I am totally hopeless at getting out of a dead end and I get so frustrated about it.
Luckily the internet is a good source to find out that I am not alone: it seems there are other parents that suffer the lack of ideas to resolve this. The good side of these incidents is that so my precious kid is fighting is way to independence. So I have to remind myself this when I see my grumpy bundle stomping his feet and demanding to stay home alone and sad instead of going to nursery school.
Today I decided that I personally will have a snack before meeting my little one, so I will have the energy and necessary sugary detachment to see the bright side o…

Monday mornings

I have been cooking very little last week. I am so behind schedule at work and I really should not be here, but I kind of thoroughly dislike Monday mornings. It feels like I should keep going with a weekend rhythmus but actually it is not possible, I must gear up for a full working hassle.
Well, I will just take a few minutes off.
Yesterday evening, I was browsing my ipad as I usually do after my precious darling falls asleep (if I have not fallen asleep before him) and I stumbled on this article about Finnish teenagers. It seems sleeping disorders have doubled in the last 20 years. Oh my. Allegedly that happens because of energy drinks – which I totally dislike, thank heaven (tea and coffee are not energy drinks in my opinion obviously…) – and because of ipads and the like. 
Oh well. As I do not actually always sleep well (although it may also be because there is a little one calling me in the middle of the nights since he cannot find his pacifier or because there is a big one snoring b…


I just love winter pajamas: I can't think about anything better that feeling warm, comfortable and cozy while sipping a cup of tea. The only problem is leaving them behind to go to work...

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