Millet and Fat Thursday

Today is giovedì grasso: in my dreams I wanted to go to Venice and show my little man some fancy masks finely posing for potraits.

Deadlines though interrupted abruptly my plans and now it is the middle of the afternoon and I kind of miss my tiny project going astray.

So millet comes in handy: it is indeed my favorite seed. 

In Italy it is normally sold in supermarkets in the pet aisle. The first time I purchased it in a organic store my mom found it quite entertaining that we were going to eat birdseeds for dinner.

The funny thing is that millet is a crowd pleaser. Despite the puzzled looks, every time I cook it my guests enjoy it. Exception made for my small boss of course. He just gazed at it and asked for latte (milk).

Now in here you can find the basic cooking method and some link for interesting recipes.

While browsing, I also found this cheddar and broccoli casserole that looks charming.

My basic millet recipes are two:

Fluffy millet seasoned with coarsely ground toasted cashews: I got this recipe from Molly Katzen’s Vegetable Heaven

The recipe actually calls for a mix of millet and quinoa. 

Well, I am definitely not a quinoa fan. This grain is inexplicably expensive: it took me forever to dare to purchase it. Whenever I would see the neat cereal bags sitting straight one after the other, the price tag of quinoa would just make me wince in total disbelief. 

Given that quinoa is so popular in the web, I finally gave it a try: I just thought it had to be delicious to get so much attention. Well, let’s say that we are not friends, at least not yet. It might be that I will eventually love it if I wait enough.

Not so fluffy millet in small patties: this is my favorite. You just cook millet until it is nicely sticky, add a bunch of veggies and fresh herbs, shape it in patties, pop it in the oven and enjoy.

The latter is a new addition I have still to perfecion:

Millet with veggies: that’s what I served my family yesterday evening.

The two of us ate the whole thing and it just grew in our stomachs. So I would suggest the quantities below to at least three people.

1 cup millet
2 cups water
1 onion thinly sliced
1 tbsp oil
1 tsp salt
4 small zucchini, quartered lengthwise and thinly sliced
1 pound halved cherry tomatoes
A pinch of salt
A sprig of parsley

How to do it:

Cook the millet with water until absorbed (about 15 minutes). Fluff it a few times while you cook the veggies.

Stirfry the onion, oil and salt on high heat for two minutes. Lower the heat, cover the pan and sauté until translucent or slightly browned.

Add the zucchini, stir fry on high heat until they are done (5-8 minutes).

Add the mixture to the millet and fluff it once again.

Pour the tomatoes in the same pan you used for the zucchini (you will take advantage of the juices and salt to season the tomatoes). Add a pinch of salt, stir fry on high for three minutes or as needed: the tomatoes should barely wilt and the skins should still be firmly on their spot.

Add them to the millet mix. Fluff, add parsley, taste for salt.

Voila, a very healthy dinner.

Millet is good for you! Here is a list of 12 health benefits of millet

 If you want to know a lot more about millet, in comprehensive and scary scientific format, check this source in the onlinelibrary