pranzo in studio

There are many things I would like to improve in my life and I guess that small steps are better than huge and forever procrastinated big projects, at least for me.

I am trying to focus but worries from my work desk keep popping up in my restless mind that I would like to shut them up momentarily.

Probably that is why cooking is fascinating to me, because for a few minutes or some hours I just focus on ingredients, tools and actions while dreaming of a possibly edible and sometimes flavorful outcome.

Yet I must admit that sometimes lately (that means in the last decade or so) I have been far too lazy to cook and I indulged in horrible ready meals, that not only cost a fortune, but taste relentlessly the same all the time.

I am always wondering how the food industry manages that. I have been preparing the same muffin recipe for ages and I cannot recall a single batch being exactly like the other (circumstance that is at times highly appreciated and other times is instead bitterly regretted).

I am trying to revolutionize my whole eating patterns and introducing freshly prepared food even in my office, oh dear. Office cooking has intense restrictions: first you wish to have something possibly very little smelling. After lunch break, work resumes and I cannot have clients or coworkers coming over and commenting on my meals. Secondly, food has to be ready in no time. I am not so fond of spending all the lunch break cleaning, prepping, cooking, eating and washing.

And still it takes so little to have a fine meal. So this is a reminder post for my lazy self: hey you fatty, remember that it takes a few minutes to wash a zucchini, slice it, toast it in a frying pan with a drizzle of oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper (and yes, perhaps, just casually some cayenne, being me), add one helping of basmati rice and just double as much of water, let it simmer covered for ten minutes and gobble it down. So abstain from purchasing frozen pizzas, thank you.