striving to reach handy triangles

I have started this blog for no purpose at all, I guess. Basically it is like a personal notepad, where I jot occasionally impressions, recipes I hope to use again and brushstrokes of my evolving life.

Other times it just feels like a small corner of the universe, where I could possibly cross patches with other beings or simply loose myself in the nothingness and loud solitude of an overcrammed web.

Ideas and creativity are usually long forgotten tools in my life. I am so used to browse in boring laws and codes to find tiny loopholes that can serve my client’s purpose, to relentlessly try to disentagle troubled situations into something viable, that I get sometimes lost in the process and look forlorn at the deep and utter misery of everyday life.

At the same time I feel blessed for this special moment, where the rain punders heavily outside and I am just sitting comfortably on my sofa, healthy, in the deep silence of my beloved ones sleeping tightly under a thin spring blanket.

All of this meandering to go back to my culinary projects. My sweet half is going to work in new shifts and this is destabilizing my everyday routine. I feel challenged to get some healthy food in our tummies and to figure out how to fix this while taking care of my ever so picky sweetie toddler pie and my job.

So I will browse in my cookbooks, hunting for food on the go.

Yesterday I tried one of Hugh’s recipes. The River Cottage Veg Every Day is brilliant, full of lovely and imaginative veggie recipes.

I tried a recipe of spinach handpies.

I was in awe to find my reference organic store last Wednesday. I felt suddenly like my beautiful and crazy country had something modern to offer, as if I was in a nordic European country or in the US. Bright bags full of organic Italian wonders were just calling me loudly from the shelves and eager to jump in my cart and then in my tummy. Oh dear, I just enjoyed the sweetest spinach ever. So this is an ode to mother nature and her mysterious ways to surprise you even with some green leaves, forever met and never exactly the same.

What you need for six pieces:

250 g flour 00
125 g butter, chilled and grated
half a glass of milk, cold
a pinch of salt

350g spinach, washed, wilted on a pan and squeezed so as to expel liquids
1 leek, sliced and sauteed in a little olive oil, butter and salt
50 g ricotta
30 g parmigiano, grated

First step: prepare a dough. Proceed as for a pie. Barely mix butter and flour with a fork. Add enough milk just to transform the crumbles into a dough. Chill for thirty minutes in the fridge.

Mix filling ingredients.
Roll dough. Hugh is actually hilarious (my Italian perspective): you have to get a dough 39 cm x 13 cm and cut it into perfect 13x13 squares. Despite exploiting my loved one to roll the dough, and using a measuring tape, we ended up with a sort of geographical map that Mr. Wonderful for some reason cut in 8 uneven squares, so to say. So we did not have any triangles but some sort of gigantic ravioli, which were eaten nonetheless.

Put some filling inside each square. Fold over and pinch edges so as not to loose the filling. Gently make a small indentation on the top, so as to release steam.

Bake for about half hour 180 C degrees.

Definitely fatty and tasty.


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