Visualizzazione dei post da Maggio, 2014


Friday evening a couple of friends hosted a dinner, given that next week they will get married in Tuscany and not all of us will join them.

Well, after becoming a mother my life has changed significantly: I used to travel extensively before, especially abroad. I simply loved going out with friends, enjoying a sparkling aperitivo after work and eating out occasionally.
I was silly enough to believe that this would continue.
Perhaps it is the case for wealthy parents who can afford a nanny and do not mind spending their free time away from their offspring.
As a working mom, I already feel guilty about staying away from my little one most of the day and the thought of giving him to others also in my spare time does not sound acceptable (even though my cutie would probably enjoy the change every once in a while).
Then I guess social life depends from your kid’s behavior.
My beloved little man cannot stay put for more than a few minutes at a time, unless he is seriously dog tired and ready t…

ecco che torna di nuovo la galletta

I am very pleased to announce that  my beloved one has just passed an exam (Italian something, I have already forgot) and it is relieving to have it over.
I cannot believe how fast the memories of all the past dreaded exams could resurface, as if the feelings of anxiety and unpreparedness recur abruptly to remind you of fallibility and the unquestionable unfairness of it all. I have been lucky most of my life during my studies, yet I am always considering that tests can be very close to gamble: you browse through a lot of pages and if by chance you happen to remember the right ones, the outcome can be significantly better. Obviously I am talking about normal people here; scholars constantly striving for excellence probably never experience this feeling.
I am so bored by my ranting that I will jot down the few kitchen notes of the last days.
Monday I wanted to have a salad, but no leaf greens were to be found in my sad and empty fridge. So I took what was available: a fennel bulb, thinly…

Zuppa di cicerchie (Lathyrus sativus)

I bought cicerchie twice in my lifetime: a few years ago at a farmers’ market. After I cooked them my mother told me that they were inhabited by little creatures and she was shocked I did not even notice it. Sneaky pulse worms, you cheated on me!
Next purchase happened a few weeks ago. When my loved one drives me insane, I just buy pulses: this is my cold vengeance, normally served hot in the form of a soup, against his intemperance or naughty remarks.
It turns out cicerchie need to be soaked like most of the pulses, despite being half naked and split in half. Inadvertently they stayed in fresh water for a day more than planned (anything is better than pulses and my dearest one endeavors all his finest arts to bring me away from the pressure cooker).
I decided then to dress them in an ensemble of celery root, carrots and certain dried herbs from Provence (cerfeuil, thym citron and ail des ours). It tasted nicely, though it looks creepy in pictures. I had no idea soups could be as photo…


Today I am in one of those days when everything looks black and dire, despite a striking sunny weather and my significant other and toddler boy being lovely and so far no big issues at work. [Actually I wrote this yesterday and today things are already more on the bright side :-)]
Yet I had one of those weekends when everyone you meet is pouring down all the negativity towards you or simply I was gloomy enough to read bad signs in any possible conversation.
Good thing is that I have tried two recipes I have liked enough to keep.
The first one was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers. You can find the original recipe here. Giulia is a professional blogger that surfs lightly on Italian and international cuisine with a unique style. I find her very intelligent and entertaining and I always look forward to her new posts.

This recipe calls for round zucchini. I always found those zucchini balls quite funny and yet I had no idea what you could do with them. It turns out they are perfect for b…


Oh dear, my desk looks like it has just suffered an explosion. A client is coming in soon and I just do not know where to start. I don’t know if you ever get this feeling or it is just the horribly disorganized me piling up endless to do lists instead of actually getting things done.
Today I am even trying not to drink coffee! Now I am on the verge of giving up and putting my moka to work. Either that or I will have to take an instant nap.
So I am sharing today this delicious pasta I have made recently at home. I had some prosciutto sitting there (prosciutto cotto) and a couple of bunches of asparagi that were screaming to get inside the pan.
I normally do not use much meat in my meals, but actually it was palatable enough to keep it in my mind for future escapades in the animal reign.
What you need:
One spring onion, thinly sliced 2 tbsp olive oil some ham, about 1 ounce per person, cut into ½ inch square or in thin stripes few drops of Worcestershire sauce a bunch of asparagus, peeled on th…