Friday evening a couple of friends hosted a dinner, given that next week they will get married in Tuscany and not all of us will join them.

Well, after becoming a mother my life has changed significantly: I used to travel extensively before, especially abroad. I simply loved going out with friends, enjoying a sparkling aperitivo after work and eating out occasionally.

I was silly enough to believe that this would continue.

Perhaps it is the case for wealthy parents who can afford a nanny and do not mind spending their free time away from their offspring.

As a working mom, I already feel guilty about staying away from my little one most of the day and the thought of giving him to others also in my spare time does not sound acceptable (even though my cutie would probably enjoy the change every once in a while).

Then I guess social life depends from your kid’s behavior.

My beloved little man cannot stay put for more than a few minutes at a time, unless he is seriously dog tired and ready to take a nap (on the other hand, I am always quite impressed from my beloved big man, that can stay put a long time, unless seriously poked down the chair, which he will leave quite disgruntled for only a few minutes at a time).

Thus I do not mind not going out so much: I actually dislike it now, because after a social event I just need a holiday.

Going out means that I have to chase my boy from all possible dangers, cars driving madly by the road, any sort of inedible dirt that he wishes to taste (but then just show him some green shade in his bowl and he will begin pronto to fast), little holes in walls and pavement where he must stick his chubby fingers in order to find out the imponderable truth that lays behind them, oh dear….

So I guess the total amount I have spent with friends last Friday equals to about half hour which equals to three episodes of masha and the bear that he has been watching while I was gobbling down frico and polenta as fast as I could (which was a lot, given that I had an awful night trying to digest it).

I even thought I was quite a horrible mother, to have my beauty stuck in front of a tine mobile screen, instead of letting him socialize with the other little geeks, that were equally stuck in front of the screens of their videogames. Ahem, social life in the future is going to be even more disquieting than today.


If you are interested in frico, please let me point out that there is no specific recipe. Basically frico was developed as a way to cook local cheese. Normally you would either use odds and ends that were sitting there too much or perhaps you would dedicate thick slices of a new cheese to the purpose (but this other way to prepare it resembles more breaded cheese cooked in a little fattening of choice).

Frico is ideally winter fare and is definitely not a low calorie meal. It is basically a frittata made with cheese, potato and onion. Prepare yourself to devour it and feel it growing inside you until you are completely bloated. I recommend very small helpings. Obviously I always eat more and feel horribly afterwards.

Here is  link in Italian of the recipe, which sounds quite thorough, from Luca Manfe’, winner of masterchef.

What you need:

One onion (optional), grated and sautéed gently over low heat
One potato per person, either grated and sautéed gently over low heat or cut in thick slices and sautéed gently over low heat
A slice of cheese per person (40 g), better if mixed sorts, cut in chunks
Very little salt and oil

How to do it:

Take an oven proof non stick frying pan.

Cook the veggies at best with no salt and with as little oil as you possibly can.
Add the cheese chunks, mix it with the veggies until they melt.

Let it stay on medium heat a little longer until a golden crust is formed.

Now, if you are daring, flip it on the other side, with the help of a lid.

If you want an easy life, turn on the grill in the oven and wait until golden on top.

Serve it with polenta and a fresh salad of green and very bitter radicchio di campo.

Note on cheese:  ideally it should be montasio, our cheese. Feel free to make substitutions, but beware: montasio is salty, it can be sharp when aged, it melts and stays quite thick even in its molten status. No cottage cheese or ricotta: frico would crumble down horribly. No cream cheese: frico would turn into a sauce. In such a case, you can have some pasta with it or dress some boiled veggies.


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