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A few notes on panzerotti-to-be, preschool and zucchini galette.

In September my little man will start preschool! Now he’s calling himself “Lippo”, he knows he is two years old (he basically yells every once in a while “due anni”; I dread the moment I will have to inform him he has to switch number, but by that time he probably will have acquired amazing skills) and he is quite happy to go to “asilo” (or awfully bored to spend his days idly with old folks).
Now, it is unbelievable the equipment I need to ship my little handsome guy in the preschool boat: “grembiule” (an apron, more like a uniform. Happily white for all. Sadly I had some hand me downs blue apron I will just have to hand down before time); towels, bibs, all sorts of bags to carry clothes, towels, bibs. What scared me was that both name and surname had to be embroidered in all these items (hopefully not on his own clothes, I am skipping this). Well, I cannot do anything about that. I sure do know how a needle is made. I have seen threads coming out of all kinds of clothing I bought. S…

On summertime, shopping and guilt

Now, I am quite depressed today: how could I forget that yesterday it was my son’s first preschool meeting with the teachers? Oh dear, the point is I am so totally dependent upon my online calendar. I rely so much on the email and mobile alerts I get that if I forget to write something there, it is over. So I apologize to you, my dearest little one: I will try to be more mentally vigilant in the future. I actually felt so ashamed about it that I told everyone I was detained at the last moment (by my brainless mind, I am afraid). Happily there will be other school meetings in the next years and I will catch up or at least intentionally skip them for a reason or another.
Luckily now I just enjoyed this beautiful salad with vine ripened cherry tomatoes from Sicily and I am so much more at peace with myself. This is what I love about summer: fruit and vegetables. They are so sweet, juicy, and tasty that I always wonder how I can ever even consider buying them, let alone eat them, when out of …

Chickpea flour recipes link love and notes on my own personal kind of socca - panella

I bought a bag of chickpea flour because I am an adventurer. I also tried two recipes and found some more I might want to try in the future from gorgeous bloggers around the web.
Given that my link loves are often inaccurate, I will also keep tracks of names:
Sarah Britton | My new roots and her genius chickpea tofu
David Lebovitz on French panisses
Clara | Ladridiricette on Italian panelle
Chickpea Indian crepes by Clotilde Dusolier | Chocolate and Zucchini
Meanwhile I tested cecinawith sundried tomatos from Giulia Scarpaleggia | Julskitchen.  She also has another cecinawith carrots.
Unfortunately I forgot to read the temperature of the oven before departing with my presoaked batter and I baked it too low, so it came out a bit soggy. Still my ravenous family managed to gobble it down, despite certain skeptical looks.
Then I decided I wanted a thick batter, so I tried Dorie Greenspan recipe for socca, that you can find also in Tim Mazurek | Lottie+Doof here, or in her book , that I am happy t…