A few notes on panzerotti-to-be, preschool and zucchini galette.

In September my little man will start preschool! Now he’s calling himself “Lippo”, he knows he is two years old (he basically yells every once in a while “due anni”; I dread the moment I will have to inform him he has to switch number, but by that time he probably will have acquired amazing skills) and he is quite happy to go to “asilo” (or awfully bored to spend his days idly with old folks).

Now, it is unbelievable the equipment I need to ship my little handsome guy in the preschool boat: “grembiule” (an apron, more like a uniform. Happily white for all. Sadly I had some hand me downs blue apron I will just have to hand down before time); towels, bibs, all sorts of bags to carry clothes, towels, bibs. What scared me was that both name and surname had to be embroidered in all these items (hopefully not on his own clothes, I am skipping this). Well, I cannot do anything about that. I sure do know how a needle is made. I have seen threads coming out of all kinds of clothing I bought. Sometimes I even cut them out. Yet that is about as much as I can do. Happily people do this embroidery thing for a fee, teacher told me, as probably I just looked so aghast at her that she felt she had to reassure me about it.

Now we go back to serious business: panzerotti. You all know them, nice bread pockets filled with tomatoes, mozzarella, sometimes prosciutto or all sort of things, fried in oil. As far as I know, the original ones are from Puglia. I have this belief because the only friends of mine that enjoy panzerotti at home come from Puglia and specifically from the northern province of Bari. Now I have just made a three seconds thorough google research and this information is confirmed by the first three results, so I will take it as scientifically ascertained and demonstrated.

Now I share my problems with panzerotti, instead of a recipe that you can easily find anywhere else. First problem: I rolled it out like a pizza. Wrong! It turns out, dough has to be divided in little balls (about 2 inches each) and then rolled into a sort of mini pizza. Second problem: filling! I just filled it like a little pizza. Wrong! It looks like the people that know how to do it form a sort of dough of mozzarella and tomato. Third problem: sizing! I guess answer to problem one should help tame my panzerotti into handy dimensions. So far they looked like calzone. Then I have to admit it, as I am a sacrilegious cook, I baked them instead of deep frying them. Sssht, do not tell anyone!

Last thing before I go to work, as I should have been doing in the last hour instead of surfing the distracting net, is taking a note on galette. I was silly enough to decide at the last moment to transform my tried and tested quick bread zucchini sort of pizza (basically when I run out of fresh yeast, I substitute baking powder, but given that the dough does not rise, I add liquid ingredients on top, such as grated zucchini, stracchino or mozzarella, that while cooking seep into the dough and make it nicer and soft) in a galette. It turns out like a pond where you can easily grow seaweeds or breed frogs. So, next time, please, use fan oven and microwave (180W) to bake it, so some water evaporates and the galette is firm and thoroughly cooked. 


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