Chickpea flour recipes link love and notes on my own personal kind of socca - panella

I bought a bag of chickpea flour because I am an adventurer. I also tried two recipes and found some more I might want to try in the future from gorgeous bloggers around the web.

Given that my link loves are often inaccurate, I will also keep tracks of names:

David Lebovitz on French panisses

Clara | Ladridiricette on Italian panelle

Chickpea Indian crepes by Clotilde Dusolier | Chocolate and Zucchini

Meanwhile I tested cecina with sundried tomatos from Giulia Scarpaleggia | Julskitchen. 
She also has another cecina with carrots.

Unfortunately I forgot to read the temperature of the oven before departing with my presoaked batter and I baked it too low, so it came out a bit soggy. Still my ravenous family managed to gobble it down, despite certain skeptical looks.

Then I decided I wanted a thick batter, so I tried Dorie Greenspan recipe for socca, that you can find also in Tim Mazurek | Lottie+Doof hereor in her book , that I am happy to own.

Yet, as I am a panelle lover and if you go to Palermo you should stop at Antica Focacceria San Francesco to try them, I decided to have a sort of socca – panelle.

Basically you soak 1 part chickpea flour and 1 part water, a little olive oil and a little salt. I left it in my fridge one whole day (Dorie advises overnight at most, but it did not get sour in 24 hours). 

The batter will be rather thick, compared to the batter of cecina or of farinata (its relative from Liguria).

Instead of baking it, I fried it in a non stick pan, on high, with some olive oil and flipped it (not so well) over as a frittata

We enjoyed it with a salad on the side and guess what, my loved one - also known as chickpea hater - had seconds!


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