On summertime, shopping and guilt

Now, I am quite depressed today: how could I forget that yesterday it was my son’s first preschool meeting with the teachers?
Oh dear, the point is I am so totally dependent upon my online calendar. I rely so much on the email and mobile alerts I get that if I forget to write something there, it is over.
So I apologize to you, my dearest little one: I will try to be more mentally vigilant in the future.
I actually felt so ashamed about it that I told everyone I was detained at the last moment (by my brainless mind, I am afraid).
Happily there will be other school meetings in the next years and I will catch up or at least intentionally skip them for a reason or another.

Luckily now I just enjoyed this beautiful salad with vine ripened cherry tomatoes from Sicily and I am so much more at peace with myself.
This is what I love about summer: fruit and vegetables. They are so sweet, juicy, and tasty that I always wonder how I can ever even consider buying them, let alone eat them, when out of season.
These plump purple jewels I chopped in my salad are no relative to those pale transparent pinkish plastic balls I buy in wintertime. Yet I am a tomato addict, so I know I will keep getting them even in cold December.

Other than eating lovely nature products, I sort of dislike summer. I mean, now it is perfect, just warm enough to enjoy being here in my t-shirt and sandals but not so hot to turn on the evil air conditioner to cool down my sweaty self. Yes, because I sweat a lot and I am not those kind of persons that enjoy sweating (are there any persons out there that enjoy being sticky, salty and stinky despite several showers a day?) and I am also not one of those persons that enjoy living in a fan fridge, looking the hot outside from a window like a gold fish in its tiny bowl.

That said, I will rumble on my favorite topic: shopping. As an ordinary woman, I just enjoy shopping so much. I wish I was like my friend I. She just does not care. She saves all the money she has to pay the mortgage and to go on holidays twice a year. Instead I keep accumulating silly stuff I barely use.
Yet now I have two goals: 1. Decrease shopping (this is hard, but it’s always good to dream out loud); 2. Shop ethically, whatever that means. Basically I do not want to be a consumer that for my own instant pleasure lets children or grownups around the world to be exploited and deprived of a decent life. Unfortunately, like most people I tend to shop from big brands and retailers and I fear that, despite what they say about respecting human rights that they do not actually abide by the façade they are showing.

So now I will try to buy from real people, like on etsy, or from small producers, in order to minimize this risk. I made my first purchases on etsy last week and it is actually consuming but quite funny. It’s nice to get these handcrafted objects from around the world made by real persons that send you a personal note with it. It is actually ideal for small gifts; the only problem is that you have to plan ahead considering production time and delivery delays.