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Pasta con zucchine gialle alla moda greca e qualche garbato collegamento

I had to look up what zucchine gialle were in English. I found thislink for yellow crookneck zucchini that look similar to the ones I have used for my pasta.
Luckily my mother grows a beautiful vegetable garden and this time of the year we are blessed by its products, so quite exceptionally I do not purchase any veggies in shops as there are baskets full of greens to be harvested and brought home.
I love zucchine gialle: they have this mildly sweet flavor that blends somehow the taste of green zucchini and potatoes. They are at their best as soon as harvested, as they retain their soft watery peel. Afterwards the peel tend to get stronger and it is perfect for pasta sauces!
For my Greek inspired pasta I simply used a couple of zucchini, sliced them thinly and pan fried them in some olive oil adding the tiniest sprinkle of salt. When they began to soften up, I added a handful of kalamata olives and melted in about a third of half inch thick crumbled feta slice. I just let it melt and turn…

Untitled (why I shop too much and why I should do something else) and zucchini savory quick bread

On a rainy July Monday, with a red Band-Aid (with buses and a smiling sun) on my index finger (due to heroic cutting of a loaf of bread which has not turned out exactly soft and airy, i.e. we are talking about an undercooked brick of rye here), I will complain about shopping and why I shop.
I shop too much. When I was a teenager I went once on holidays to Paris with my family. My father decided to give me some money to keep, just in case his wallet got stolen. Happily his wallet made a safe journey back home in his pocket, but the money he gave me, alas, was gone. This is to show that my overspending habit is way rooted in my deficient genes; clearly I have nothing to do with it.
Now I have this habit of buying silly things such as a recyclable sandwich wrap? I do not even eat sandwiches. As soon as I told the recipient (the sandwich eater love of my life), he simply said: no way. I tried to sneak in the idea that his female colleagues would simply envy him in order to try to convince …

About pasta

When I meet foreigners that have not lived here in Italy, I am a bit at loss about some habits they may have about our local and very beloved pasta.
I will jot down a few facts that you surely already know, so you could possibly wish to dedicate your precious time to better purposes, but you could also be so kind to read further and then get back later to nicer amusements.
I will not delve about the pasta and noodles debate. With all due respect to beautiful culinary traditions, noodles are neither in our culture, nor in our language. Lately we are exposed to other cuisines, mainly Chinese in provincial towns as where I live, but I rarely buy their products, let alone eat them. I had to browse a site of a producer of oriental food to find the name used in the package. They use names of our pasta that resemble most the shape of the foreign counterpart (vermicelli, fettuccine, fili).
As I am a lazy cook, I will just talk of the dried pasta you find packed in a nice box or bag to purchase.


I guess carbonara is so boring that none of my favorite bloggers bothered to scribble down the recipe. Let’s clear it now: I come from the North of Italy and here we cannot cook carbonara. We actually do it, but we are hopeless at it. Our carbonara is a slap in the face of our culinary tradition. There was a time when we would make it quite often at home. It was probably when my mother changed job and started arriving after us at home for lunch break. So my brother, my father and I often resorted to humble carbonara to feed our empty stomachs.
I browsed a little on the internet, but found nothing really interesting to mention. At least not in the first pages of google results, then I get bored and flimsy and believe I better rumble myself as if that could be more interesting than what robots have decided is what I am supposed to read (and actually most of the time they choose rather well to my disappointment).
If you want to enjoy a tasty carbonara you should go to central Italy, perha…