Pasta con zucchine gialle alla moda greca e qualche garbato collegamento

I had to look up what zucchine gialle were in English. I found this link  for yellow crookneck zucchini that look similar to the ones I have used for my pasta.

Luckily my mother grows a beautiful vegetable garden and this time of the year we are blessed by its products, so quite exceptionally I do not purchase any veggies in shops as there are baskets full of greens to be harvested and brought home.

I love zucchine gialle: they have this mildly sweet flavor that blends somehow the taste of green zucchini and potatoes. They are at their best as soon as harvested, as they retain their soft watery peel. Afterwards the peel tend to get stronger and it is perfect for pasta sauces!

For my Greek inspired pasta I simply used a couple of zucchini, sliced them thinly and pan fried them in some olive oil adding the tiniest sprinkle of salt. When they began to soften up, I added a handful of kalamata olives and melted in about a third of half inch thick crumbled feta slice. I just let it melt and turned the heat off. I cooked the pasta (about 250 g), reserved a little cooking liquid (about a spoonful), tossed it on the sauce, stir-fried everything a couple of minutes and voila, lunch or dinner is ready. It serves 3 to 4 people. Obviously, the Greek influence lies in the gorgeous ingredients only and I apologize to my beloved Greeks if this recipe does not pertain in any whatsoever other way to their culinary tradition.

While browsing on the net, I have read  this comment whereby the author vehemently glorifies homemade lunchboxes and I found it quite entertaining. I also advocate lunchboxes by my man, as mentioned here given his tendency to rely strongly on bacari (Venetian cafés) for his meals. In the past month I managed to send him to work with his lunch bag and amazingly enough he shed about 3 kilos (despite his legendary telling that my lentils made him fat).

Also I have read something on pizza. To my bewilderment, I have learned that there is allegedly a deep fried pizza . As I am a barbarian and ignorant northerner (for Italian standards), I had no clue about it. The only fried pizza style things I was acquainted with were panzerotti. Now if you happen to go to Napoli, you could try one of these places and let me know how it tasted.  
On a lighter note, there are comments on the myriads of insidious variables that lie behind a pizza order here by one of my favorite Sicilian blogger.

As everyone else in summertime, I worry about my fat belly. Clearly if you are a fortunate skinny person, I totally envy you and please try to show some understanding for us fatsos. I was actually reading about a sugar free diet here by Pinch of Yum. I try to limit refined sugar in my diet mainly because of the ever so lasting fear of tooth decay and its horrible consequences (meeting my lovely and very friendly dentist. Yet as great as she is, she cannot help using those scary sanitized tools and drill my poor teeth). After meeting my loved one and reproducing him in smaller scale in my gorgeous son, refined sugar has come back into my life. It must lie in their Sicilian genes, but they can consume impressive amount of sweets. My picky little eater is ever so conservative for any kind of edible thing, unless it is sugary, then no problem, no matter what shape or color it is, he will just taste it and gobble it down. Yet now that I have read that post, I probably will try again to sneak alternative and healthier sweeteners in my loved ones life. We’ll see what happens.

Lastly, as it is summer, you may feel like trying some panzanella recipes: