Untitled (why I shop too much and why I should do something else) and zucchini savory quick bread

On a rainy July Monday, with a red Band-Aid (with buses and a smiling sun) on my index finger (due to heroic cutting of a loaf of bread which has not turned out exactly soft and airy, i.e. we are talking about an undercooked brick of rye here), I will complain about shopping and why I shop.

I shop too much. When I was a teenager I went once on holidays to Paris with my family. My father decided to give me some money to keep, just in case his wallet got stolen. Happily his wallet made a safe journey back home in his pocket, but the money he gave me, alas, was gone. This is to show that my overspending habit is way rooted in my deficient genes; clearly I have nothing to do with it.

Now I have this habit of buying silly things such as a recyclable sandwich wrap? I do not even eat sandwiches. As soon as I told the recipient (the sandwich eater love of my life), he simply said: no way. I tried to sneak in the idea that his female colleagues would simply envy him in order to try to convince his narcissistic self, so let’s see if I am able to make him use this new gadget. I could even cancel the order, but then I look at those tiny fluo guitars printed on top and just wonder how I can possibly live without this foolish object.

I even purchased a book about stopping to shop and I have not read it yet. The purchasing part was the easy part, of course. So I just read an excerpt here and the author advises to identify feelings that trigger shopping (stress, anger, sadness and the like) and to combine a list of alternative activities in order to avoid wasting all the money on futile bric-a-brac.

I will identify here some shopping triggers of the last days:
  1. I am soooo behind schedule at work and guess what, wasting time online does not help. So the action to take is getting things done, you lazy fat ass;
  2. My friend I. was hospitalized last week and it was so sudden and unexpected. Luckily now she is doing better and she will have to recover. I guess the action to take is to be close to her;
  3. Finally a case was closed that has been haunting me for four five years. This can happen to gullible people like me. The action to take is to learn to be more prudent.

Yesterday I had a fine Sunday with my ever complaining men; I was so exhausted at the end that I fell asleep at 8.00 p.m. (I normally go to bed around midnight). I am working on a sort of savory zucchini bread, but we are still far away from the result I wish to achieve. I made a dough of a big grated zucchini, three eggs, a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and of tapenade, 1 teaspoon of mustard, ½ cup of grated parmigiano, flour as needed to get a pretty stiff dough and one teaspoon of baking powder. I put it in a brownie tin lined with parchment paper. I decorated it with some kalamata olives and a sprinkle of coarse sea salt. I baked it on 200°C Celsius, fan oven, for 45 minutes. My big man said it was not bad. Yet I believe it should come out a bit more fluffy and I want to try it with some cheese (we ran out of cheese, how come I never run out of whole grains?).

PS: (2014/07/28) I have added a close-up of my experiment. What was I thinking while I took that picture, I wonder. Now I have tried a recipe of a savory cake (more on a new post to come in the future) but I have still haven't found what I am looking for. Just in case you are feeling like watching/listening to this song again, there is a link here: it is taken from Rattle & Hum. As I am ancient, I remember dragging my father in the movie theatre to watch it - given that I was still too little to go on my own, not that I was such an unsociable being that I could not find anyone else to come along - and he fell asleep the minute it started. 

Lastly I have read this morning this very sensible article about substituting modest and not so fancy super foods to their more famous and overestimated counterparts. 


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