Oh dear, parents do make mistakes, take one parent for instance, who could be accidentally me.

One day you are just there cleaning the bathroom sink and you overhear your little love, two years old, that swears happily on the terrace.

So I guess, for the future:

  • Do not swear in front of your child:

It does not really matter if the little man has just broken your car stereo, you can always drive in silence and meditate, or roll down the window and listen to fellow drivers honking and breathing some nice smog. Or you could go on a vegan diet of boiled potatoes until you save enough money for a new kid proof radio.

It also does not really matter if your little beauty is just nicely dressed up in his Sunday outfit and he inadvertently pees on all his clothes and soaks completely his leather sandals. Summer is over anyway, so why bother on a pair of shoes.

  • Keep your fingers crossed

In nine days your little babe will go to scuola materna/ day care and if you are really lucky, he’s not going to swear in front of the grandmothers before that. If you go undetected, you can always blame his innocent classmates (with all due apologies within yourself for taking advantage of the situation) and be safe from great parental reproaches.

  • Get trained

This is a good link for preschoolers having issues with not so nice words. Basically first time he says foul words I have to ignore it; second time and after I shall explain the word is not good; and if I slip down the road, I shall apologize about it.