I wanted to share a couple of my son's favorite books. He will turn three years old in a couple of weeks.

He just started scuola materna and I am feeling emotional about my little one being (sort of) grown up (which translates in finding him on the slide with all his face brown from dirt, but alas, he's always my little monkey).

These are not new releases, as you may already know. Yet I find it always difficult to pick up books for my kid (which means that I buy too many, but he may not always like them...).

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers (2006)

This tale by Oliver Jeffers is beautifully illustrated and very sweet. 

It is a lovely story of a friendship between a little boy and penguin.

Now my little darling is totally fascinated by diggers, dump trucks and the like.

This is such a lovely story about the Site machines going to bed.

Any advice about nice books for a toddler?

Lastly I have just read this post in momastery that totally captures the emotions of a parent seeing her child going to school (ok, this post is about her child going to middle school and my son is not even three, but I am a total loser at processing feelings and I wish I could hang a glass bell on top of my little one and I hate myself for even thinking about it as I despised any constriction while I was growing up but let's face it: I am old and now I just think as an ancient and stale witch. Any advice about a nice breathable water proof bell for my kid? Just kidding. A little).

Obvioulsy, all the rights about the books and the relevant images remain the sole and exclusive property of their respective owners. I hope nobody will mind them showing up here, but just in case, let me know.


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