Just wondering

I keep reading here and there on the net only to realize – suddenly – that I do not remember which information I have acquired. This is a bit scary and given that I am too young to have developed any degenerative disease I just had this tiny faint doubt whether the problem lies on the mean of information.

How come I can remember facts I have read in books or magazines last century and totally forget the trivialities I have read online only yesterday?

Well, according to a research made by the University of Wellington, Victoria, Australia, “In general, online reading was found to have a negative impact on people’s cognition. Concentration, comprehension, absorption and recall rates when engaging with online material were all much lower.”

This is a total relief: so I am not the only one. Apparently I am an innocent victim of an exposure to an exceeding amount of information. As said by these scholars, a “Cognitive overload may occur when more cognitive efforts are required than are available: human memory cannot cope with the amount of processing required, thus the information is inadequately processed.”

I have a new good proposal: limit my internet hopping and printing out more to read (sorry my beloved friend trees: I promise that I will also try to go to the library more often and look at those ancient things stored there, how were they called, oh yes, books and newspapers).


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