Ho letto un libro! I've read a book!

A big accomplishment has been achieved: I have read a book, Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Yes, because after I became a mother the longest readings where the titles of the articles I would browse on the internet (obviously in most cases about silly gossips).

Yet life changes! Yesterday my little man turned three years old. He was perfectly aware it was his birthday. Actually he’s been pleading to have his birthday moved to an earlier date, but, alas, we are such disgruntling parents and we did not give in. So he would say “oggi e’ il mio compleanno” and be all festive and happy. 

We are still working on the “three years old” issue though; he is not willing to give up the two yet, so we will have to practice more to reach a correct answer when questioned about his age.

We had a big party with family in the evening and I did even manage to eat my meal without interruptions and to talk with the guests! Oh dear, I never thought something so extraordinary could happen.

So back to the book, it is great. Thanks to my friend G. for introducing me to the author. Now this book is old enough to get it for almost nothing (my favorite time to purchase books) and it is a page turner, I could simply not put it down. It is the love story of Ifemelu and Obinze, their lives through three continents, failed relationships and difficult career paths. It is also very much about racial issues and the very different way to perceive them. It gives you hindsight on diverse points of views highlighted by the various characters. It could probably have been a teeny bit shorter; there is a bunch of pages that I found totally boring through the end about the relationship between Ifemelu and Blaine.

Have a nice week and thanks for stopping by!