Now we are slowly progressing towards the end of our own week long post disease quarantine.

A couple of weeks ago, as I brought F. to kindergarten/nursery school/preschool or whatever it is called that school were 3 years old children spend their daytime, I found a notice warning of chickenpox. I debated within myself on what to do.

Chickenpox has been introduced among the diseases prevented locally with the compulsory vaccination only the year after my son was born. The vaccine was offered to us, but I had mixed feelings about it. It seems that the effects wane with time, although  the exposure to children with natural chickenpox seems to boost the results.

Then there is such a debate about vaccination in general. One of my friends decided against any sort of vaccine for her daughters. This decision is pretty extreme to me, there are certain diseases that are so harmful, such as polio, that I would not even want a faint threat of my son catching it.

In the end we decided against the vaccine for chicken pox.

Well, it turned out I did regret this choice.

Seeing my little one covered with pockmarks, when he could have totally skipped this, made me feel such an irresponsible parent. 

Then it turned out my beloved P. does not even remember whether he had chickenpox.
[I guess he should have mentioned it when we were making the choice, huh?]
So now I live in fear of him catching the disease as well: just imagine a full grown up with big pockmarks hollering all day about it.

I will keep my fingers crossed.

UPDATE: So my beautiful P. just got his blood test results and indeed he was immunized, despite grandma forgetting about it. Yet he is been complaining for a whole week about getting sick and accusing innocents zits of being pockmarks...


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