Cooking without success several banana breads

This week I baked three banana breads. There were no parties going on. No banana bread lover lives at my place. There was just a huge bunch of overripe bananas to get over with.

Did I like them? I am not sure.

I baked twice the mommon banana bread from Joy the Baker Cookbook. She is releasing a new cookbook soon, so this is a great moment to get her old one in the marketplace at bargain price.

 The taste is lovely, but boy it is nutritious.

Here is the barely adapted recipe:
2 cups of flour (I substituted ½ cup oat flakes)
3 tsp baking powder (I used half)
1 stick butter (the American stick is usually about 110 g. Too much for my taste), melted
1 cup sugar (I omitted it, because I used sweet milk chocolate)
2 eggs
1 tbsp lemon juice
3 tbsp bourbon (I used fruit juice, a little more than 3tbsp because it was fairly dry)
1 ½ cups mashed bananas (I like it more in big clumps opposed to thoroughly mashed)
1 cup walnuts roughly chopped (I used lovely walnuts from France)
1 cup dark chocolate chips

Basically I mixed all dry ingredients on one side, wet on the other, briefly stirred everything together and baked the whole thing at 180° C for about 1 hour. She advises to cream butter and sugar and add all other ingredients. As I was not using sugar, I skipped the nuisance of creaming.

It is pretty dense but it tastes nicely. As I mentioned, next time I will cut down the butter because I believe it should taste just as nicely.

I can’t remember now the other recipe so I will share it in the future, as soon as I get my hands on the other cookbook again.