Cavolfiore con besciamella e formaggio

I had this beautiful giant cauliflower sitting elegantly in my fridge for a while, as usual

Then the other day I was browsing the Pioneer Woman site (which I totally adore) and stumbled upon this recipe and I thought: this is it!

Now there is a typical side dish, at least at my place, where we pair cauliflowers or fennel with besciamella and some grated mature cheese, such as grana padano  or montasio vecchio. 

So I decided to start from this and add Ree’s beautiful idea of a crumb topping.

As I did not have any broccoli, I substituted some bunches of fresh Swiss chard.

What you need (I used an older brother of this baking dish):

1 cauliflower, cut into florets, either steamed or blanched for a few minutes
3 small bunches of Swiss chard, cut into 1 inch pieces, either steamed or blanched for a few minutes
500 ml besciamella  or my shortcut milk sauce 
Cheese to please: I used about 50 g grana and 50 g montasio
1 bag Italian crackers, crumbled or ½ cup bread crumbs
Generous sprinkle of black pepper and paprika
Salt to taste
20 g butter, cut into small pieces

How to make it:

Arrange nicely cauliflower florets on one end of the baking dish and Swiss chard on the other end.

Pour warm besciamella on top of it. Pour over half of the cheeses. Mix the Swiss chard size only.

Mix bread crumbs, butter and the rest of the cheeses and spices.

Sprinkle on top of the pan.

Bake 190°C (gril and fan oven) and 360W microwave or until golden on top.

Buon appetito


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