Crostata di riso

I actually never liked riso e latte. Yet my mother still favors it and so does my mother in law. It must be a memento of long gone childhoods. It is basically a sort of soup made of plain cow milk and rice. The best rice to use is the short one, riso originario, given that the rice will grow infinitely in the milk. 

For some mysterious reasons though I sometimes enjoy its sweet Greek cousin, rizogalo. 
Also I always appreciated its sweet version budino di riso.

Interestingly enough for an ignorant northeastern Italian as I am, I learned from other blogs that in Tuscany they encase this delicacy in a shortbread pastry.
You can find original recipes from always brilliant Giulia or you could also try this little gem by Patty that I have been using as my recipe track yesterday. 

This is my adapted version:

Shortbread pastry:
150 g cake flour
50 g cornflour fioretto, plus 1 tbsp divided for dusting
A pinch of salt
2 tbsp sugar
80 g butter, cold and grated, plus 1 tbsp divided for the baking dish
Almond milk, cold (I used about 4 tbsp; I used a traditional Italian almond milk that contains high amounts of sugar)

Rice pudding:
1 ½ cup riso e latte (for instructions, see link above). Mine was pretty liquid.
1 egg, beaten
Zest of a lemon
50 g sugar
50 g coconut flakes
50 g flour (any starch can do)

How to do it:

Butter and dust with corn flour a baking dish, about 18 cm wide.

For the shortbread proceed as for a pie crust. Mix dry ingredients. Stir in with a fork the butter. Add little amounts of almond milk until you can barely assemble a dough. The less you handle it, the better.

Press on baking dish.

Blind bake for 15 minutes at 180°C.

Meanwhile mix rice pudding ingredients.

Pour into prebaked shell and bake for about 25 minutes at 180°C until set.

Enjoy. Even my son liked it, so I am quite happy with it.


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