Monday mornings

I have been cooking very little last week. I am so behind schedule at work and I really should not be here, but I kind of thoroughly dislike Monday mornings. It feels like I should keep going with a weekend rhythmus but actually it is not possible, I must gear up for a full working hassle.

Well, I will just take a few minutes off.

Yesterday evening, I was browsing my ipad as I usually do after my precious darling falls asleep (if I have not fallen asleep before him) and I stumbled on this article about Finnish teenagers. It seems sleeping disorders have doubled in the last 20 years. Oh my. Allegedly that happens because of energy drinks – which I totally dislike, thank heaven (tea and coffee are not energy drinks in my opinion obviously…) – and because of ipads and the like. 

Oh well. As I do not actually always sleep well (although it may also be because there is a little one calling me in the middle of the nights since he cannot find his pacifier or because there is a big one snoring blatantly and stealing recklessly my blanket) I was struck by this article: what??? You mean my relaxing escapade in gossips and all sort of trash is actually keeping me awake?

So I decided to close the ipad and read a book. I am currently reading Aldecoa’s Historia de una maestra and I am really enjoying it. It will be my Christmas present to my mom (together with something else I will come up on December 24 and that she will totally loathe, as usual).

So today I am sharing quick stuff I liked to eat, but that was made either by others:
A nice sandwich (Italian toastone) with spianata calabra  (which I just found out is made with pork, lard, salt, pepper and chili) friarielli  (which should be broccoli rabe, boiled and then stir fried with some garlic and olive oil) and scamorza affumicata: what else can you possibly wish for your delicate lunch break?
Or by me:
Take a non stick frying pan. Add some oil, one fennel bulb quartered and let it sizzle on one side with some salt. Add one frozen cod fillet, one anchovie, five olives, some chili flakes, a tomato, quartered. Let it caramelize on one side, it should take about 4-5 minutes on moderate heat. Flip everything. Cook until the fish flakes easily and it is white on the inside (other 4-5 minutes). Check seasoning and enjoy.