not so quick lunch

Yesterday it was a good day for cooking, somehow, but a quite dispiriting day for parenting.

My beauty decided to go on a tantrum because we left earlier than planned grandparents’ place (we always leave earlier than he wishes for, even if it is 22.00 and grandparents are almost falling asleep).

Sometimes I get caught in tantrums, in the sense that I am totally hopeless at getting out of a dead end and I get so frustrated about it.

Luckily the internet is a good source to find out that I am not alone: it seems there are other parents that suffer the lack of ideas to resolve this. The good side of these incidents is that so my precious kid is fighting is way to independence. So I have to remind myself this when I see my grumpy bundle stomping his feet and demanding to stay home alone and sad instead of going to nursery school.

Today I decided that I personally will have a snack before meeting my little one, so I will have the energy and necessary sugary detachment to see the bright side of any little battle.

On my cooking scenario, though, yesterday I was pretty good.

I had a healthy lunch! I feel like I could cry out of joy because of this. The recipe is ideal for people that used to love seventies plain vegetarian recipes.

Equipment: pressure cooker (if you want to cook it in a snap, otherwise reserve this for a slow cooker or for another time)

For one super healthy person:

½ cup brown rice (ok, I do eat a lot, perhaps two fat westerners could be fed with this)
¼ cup lentils
1 ½ cups water or broth (if salted, omit salt in the end)
2 carrots, sliced
1 tsp cumin
2 tbsp olive oil, divided
1 spring onion (normally not available now, but we are enjoying such a mild autumn)(after a totally meh summer), sliced
1 fresh chili pepper (now given the meh summer, my chili peppers taste as hot as bell peppers. If you have access to regular chili peppers, you may feel like increasing or decreasing the amount according to your preferences), sliced
½ tsp salt or to taste

How to do it:

Toast the cumin. 

Add 1 tbsp oil and carrots. Let them dance a bit on the pot. 

Add lentils and rice. 
Toast them for a couple of minutes stirring constantly so that they will not horribly scorch. 

Add the water/broth. Put the lid on. Let it whistle for ten minutes (I like my lentils done)(check your pressure cooker instructions). It will take about 45 minutes in a regular pot, but you will likely need more water.

Meanwhile prepare the soffritto: sauté spring onion, chili pepper with salt and olive oil.

Serve the soupy soup on a bowl and ladle on top the soffritto. Adjust seasoning, enjoy and feel totally healthy.

I know that there are some folks out there that are so carbohydrates unfriendly, but in truth, I love them. They are the staple of our Mediterranean diet and if you need to shed a few pounds, better to eat smaller helpings than clogging your liver with proteins to be transformed in sugars.


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