on books

Crafts for kids
I was at the post office the other day and  snooped inside this book. There are all sorts of craft projects; they even look doable. I wonder whether I should invest some money on it: I am hopeless at anything crafty, but I do not want my little cutie to be totally out of space at preschool. Well. I guess I will think about it a couple of more days.

Marie Kondo
I am currently reading this book. It is quite light to read and I have totally mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I like self help books because they kind of make me feel a better person. I mean, when you read about a lady owning 60 toothbrushes, your bathroom cabinet does not seem that bad after all. On the other hand, the amazing, spectacular, innovative advice she gives is: discard 2/3 of your stuff and then put the rest in its place. Then I ask myself: why exactly am I reading it?

Rabbits in the park
This book is so cute! My son adores it: I make grumbling noises here and there and he's rolling on the floor laughing (kids are so beautiful and cute when they laugh, it is about the only case where I would use "silvery laugh", which interestingly enough is exactly what we say in Italian "risata argentina" and apparently this expession stems out of the properties of silver that conducts a light and clear sound, which you probably already know, but I didn't until a few seconds ago).

Disclaimer: as usual, all property rights belong to their respective owners. I hope nobody minds that the above pictures are showing up here, otherwise let me know. Although I actually do have acquired very limited property rights on one and only single copy of the last two books, I am aware I should take a picture of them by myself, if I was not such a lazy photographer. My blog is also totally not commercially oriented, so this stuff appears here just because I like it.