libri di natale per bambini

I am enjoying, so to say, a very busy workweek and feeling pretty exhausted but unfortunately it is not Friday evening (which as we all know means that there is still one day and half to go do a decent sleep). 

So the only breaks are Christmas gifts brainstorming. I managed to find three books that I thought would be a perfect gift, but as none of them is originally Italian and as I want to give them to a cute little guy, the son of my dear friend M. living in the US, I guess I will have to change topic. 
My own little Christmas story
I cannot even purchase them all for my son, given that I already got him a Christmas book and there is only so many Christmas stories a parent may read (yet perhaps, one more would not hurt much, would it? I am such a hopeless hoarder of books). 

The first one has many little stories, told on one page, not only about Christmas, but also about the significant episodes before, such as the annunciation to Maria and others. The second one is the cute relative of an Easter book I already have and my son loved it. The third one has stunning illustrations and I am afraid I seriously will not be able to resist purchasing it right now. 

I have no idea whether they are catholic (I suppose though they may be catholic friendly, given that I browsed them in a catholic bookshop) and as I am a blatant religious ignorant I have no idea whether they are truthful to the Holy Books. Let's face it: I like the pictures and the sweet little stories (other than about that nasty Herodes guy) accompanying them. 

Disclaimer: as usual, all the property righst belong to the respective owners. I hope nobody minds seeing their stuff here, but just in case let me know. These are my comments on the books, I like them and there is no profit in my rambling, I just want to keep them in mind for my future purchases.


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