Visualizzazione dei post da Gennaio, 2015

I have not been cooking much lately

I don’t know about you, but I have a sort of bipolar attitude when it comes to cooking. Sometimes it seems like the only thing I do at home is standing in front of the stove preparing lots of nice (and not so nice) meals, while other times I kind of survive through very basics preparations. Lately I have been on the survival mode.
I did bake a mean lasagna,  layered with radicchio and gorgonzola on the lower deck, and with squash, fresh chili pepper and mozzarella di bufala on the upper deck. I actually did not want to be fancy at all, I was just using up the odd bits and ends sitting in the fridge and quite surprisingly it was fairly good.
I also tried this recipe for sort of mini apple and peanut butter pies and it was delicious. When you have a bun, an apple and some peanut butter, and you are craving for something sweet, give it a try. I just smeared peanut butter to my usual liking (ahem, it means perhaps a little more than due), hid it under a couple of thin slices of apple, sprin…

musei da vedere

These days I am pretty thorn about the usual big question that bothers me: to buy or not to buy? My beautiful 12 years young car decided to drop dead at the grocery store last Friday (why do cars break preferably during weekends?). So now I am at loss, given that both choices left are not so appealing: either to spend a fortune to fix it or to spend an even bigger amount to get a new one.
Then as usual when I have sort of real problems (at least for my poor wallet that will come out even thinner out of this event), I focus on something else, something lovely as holidays projects.
This year many new and-or renovated museums are opening and I would like to visit these ones:
Fondazione Prada is opening on May 9 this amazing venue developed by firm OMA - directed by Rem Koolhaas - based on an existing early 20th -century industrial site south of Milan; Another very promising museum is Centro per l'arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci, based in Prato, Tuscany.  A new building has been added bas…


I took some time off work and off the internet during the holidays. A much needed break. My body actually does not intend to go back to work either and now I have a dreadful skin rash under my left eye: I look very similar to a sort of ugly Captain Hook without the eye patch (not to mention my totally frizzy wild hair that  probably make me more similar to the Lion King). Well nobody actually noticed my skin rash, so it must not be so horrible; it is only a bit of self pity, I guess. Either that or I really know persons with good manners.
I have been reading a disturbing book, El contenido del silencio by Lucía Etxebarria. I actually could not put it down, despite some monologues that could have profited from some editing, and I ended up - as usual after I read her books - so looking forward to my normal plain life without any situation of despair and wickedness. Yet the book gave me hindsight on living in a sect. Very often I wondered why people – also intelligent and educated ones –…