I took some time off work and off the internet during the holidays. A much needed break. My body actually does not intend to go back to work either and now I have a dreadful skin rash under my left eye: I look very similar to a sort of ugly Captain Hook without the eye patch (not to mention my totally frizzy wild hair that  probably make me more similar to the Lion King). Well nobody actually noticed my skin rash, so it must not be so horrible; it is only a bit of self pity, I guess. Either that or I really know persons with good manners.

I have been reading a disturbing book, El contenido del silencio by Lucía Etxebarria. I actually could not put it down, despite some monologues that could have profited from some editing, and I ended up - as usual after I read her books - so looking forward to my normal plain life without any situation of despair and wickedness. Yet the book gave me hindsight on living in a sect. Very often I wondered why people – also intelligent and educated ones – get stuck in such environments and it was enlightening. 

It sorts of help understanding also horrible events, such as what happened in Paris against Charlie Hebdo

I always questioned why people living in Western countries would end up committing terrorist attacks without feeling a sense of remorse or a little awareness of the atrocious crimes they are perpetrating. Yet I guess that living an existence confined among reckless freaks in a sort of state of exaltation due to lack of sleep and drug abuse sort of ruin human beings into becoming monsters without a conscience.

Freedom of speech means that everyone should have the right to express her ideas.

Freedom of speech means that anyone feeling offended can ask the Judicial Authorities to have the content deemed as offensive removed or any other effective remedies provided for by law.

The killing of the journalists of Charlie Hebdo and the policemen defending them is simply wrong: no satirical offense can be used to justify an act against the law.

All my support goes to the journalists that fight everyday to make their voices heard and that risk their lives for it.


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