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Millet with chickpeas

Yesterday while I was browsing through the Homemade flour cookbook I stumbled upon my dinner idea, how convenient is that.
I had some fatty chickpeas waiting in their soaking pool at home and a bag of millet turning all corners of my pantry in hope of a getaway.
Inspired by millet polenta with chickpeas and spicy tomato chutney by Erin Alderson:
Well, I did not have time to turn the seeds into a flour. Or so I thought. I do adore millet
This time I cooked it in a non stick skillet, with a little more than double of its size of water. I skimmed off some froth and a lot more collapsed on my burner while I was bringing my son his pajama. So that was just the perfect ratio: how precise is this recipe, isn’t it? I just go mad when I cook things so and so and then I actually do like the end result. 
The non stick skillet has an immense bonus: the millet does not stick to the pot and it actually develops a sort of tiny crust which imparts the mushy millet a nuttier flavor.
As plain boile…

Martedi’ grasso

Today is the last day of carnevale. I just learned that it derives from the Latin expression carnem levare which could roughly translate into “give up meat”, in forewarning of the upcoming quaresima, the forty days period in preparation for Easter. 
As a I am an awful ignorant, I had no idea there was such a celebration as Shrove Tuesday or Pancake day, a surprising circumstance I have just apprehended reading this extra famous favorite blog. 
Apparently, as usual, we are dealing with a pagan feast recycled by Christians and it is a day whereby you’re supposed to make an assessments of good and wrongs and adjust your plans of spiritual growth. 
Back to the origins, I actually find quite entertaining the story of Jarilo, the Slav god of fertility and springtime, fighting back the evil winter spirits and needing some pancakes to endure the battle. 
If you’re feeling in need of some British comments on how to assemble some pancakes, you could read further here.
For us northeastern Italian…

Pollo al sedano

I caught a horrible cold and I spend my time coughing and blowing my nose. Even eating is problematic, because it feels like sinking down in apnea.
Before this though, I tried a recipe from Donna Hay’s Fresh and Light which is a brilliant book and I am so totally happy to own.
The recipes are quick and tasty and you can conjure a fancy dinner in a matter of minutes (well, at least for my humble standards).
What you need: 1 onion, quartered, and then roughly cut in 1/8 inch wedges  A little oil A pinch of salt 1 chicken breast, cut in strips 3 celery stalks, cut in ½ inch chunks Lots of freshly cracked black pepper (I use my peppermill, with the screw loosened up)
How to do it:
Cook the onion on high eat with salt and oil for 5 minutes. 
Add the chicken and brown on both sides. 
Add the celery, stir fry a couple of minutes. 
Adjust seasoning and add as much pepper as you like (in my case, lots of it). 
You want the chicken to be thoroughly cooked and the celery to be still crunchy.
We enjoyed it wi…

Lemon poppy seed pancakes

I’ve been eyeing this recipefor quite some time. It was published in 2012 and it is also printed in Joy’s new book Homemade Decadence which unfortunately I will not be able to get any time soon as I did order my new car and I am almost officially poor (this event will take place in about a month and a half, upon delivery when payment will be due - sigh, sob, snort).
So Sunday morning in an unprecedented cooking spree I decided to prepare them (I also was not yet aware of how much weight I gained during the holidays. Now I am: I just swore I would never ever ever ever again eat a cornetto for breakfast. So I had one and a half this morning. Shame on me).
The recipe is brilliant as it is and I would recommend trying it!
For my records I list it in Italian herebelow:
Mescolare una scorza di limone con due cucchiai di zucchero.
Setacciare 2 tazze di farina 00, 1 cucchiaino di lievito e 1 di bicarbonato. Aggiungere un pizzico di sale e 2 cucchiai di semi di papavero.
Sbattere 2 uova con lo z…