Lemon poppy seed pancakes

I’ve been eyeing this recipe for quite some time. It was published in 2012 and it is also printed in Joy’s new book Homemade Decadence which unfortunately I will not be able to get any time soon as I did order my new car and I am almost officially poor (this event will take place in about a month and a half, upon delivery when payment will be due - sigh, sob, snort).

So Sunday morning in an unprecedented cooking spree I decided to prepare them (I also was not yet aware of how much weight I gained during the holidays. Now I am: I just swore I would never ever ever ever again eat a cornetto for breakfast. So I had one and a half this morning. Shame on me).

The recipe is brilliant as it is and I would recommend trying it!

For my records I list it in Italian herebelow:

Mescolare una scorza di limone con due cucchiai di zucchero.

Setacciare 2 tazze di farina 00, 1 cucchiaino di lievito e 1 di bicarbonato. Aggiungere un pizzico di sale e 2 cucchiai di semi di papavero.

Sbattere 2 uova con lo zucchero, 1 vasetto di yogurt, 360 ml latte di riso, il succo di un limone e 40 g di burro fuso.

Incorporare la farina.

Cuocere in padella, pochi istanti per lato.

E via di sciroppo!