Pollo al sedano

I caught a horrible cold and I spend my time coughing and blowing my nose. Even eating is problematic, because it feels like sinking down in apnea.

Before this though, I tried a recipe from Donna Hay’s Fresh and Light which is a brilliant book and I am so totally happy to own.

The recipes are quick and tasty and you can conjure a fancy dinner in a matter of minutes (well, at least for my humble standards).

What you need:
1 onion, quartered, and then roughly cut in 1/8 inch wedges 
A little oil
A pinch of salt
1 chicken breast, cut in strips
3 celery stalks, cut in ½ inch chunks
Lots of freshly cracked black pepper (I use my peppermill, with the screw loosened up)

How to do it:

Cook the onion on high eat with salt and oil for 5 minutes. 

Add the chicken and brown on both sides. 

Add the celery, stir fry a couple of minutes. 

Adjust seasoning and add as much pepper as you like (in my case, lots of it). 

You want the chicken to be thoroughly cooked and the celery to be still crunchy.

We enjoyed it with some oven roasted potatoes and yams.

There is enough for four meals.


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