Hello there, I hope you’re having a nice Friday.

Things have been pretty hectic around here lately and I am so looking forward to the weekend.

Castello di Valvasone
Last Sunday we went to Valvasone, a middle age village situated close to the river Tagliamento. As it is often the case, the city was born there because it was easier to cross the river almost all year round.

I’ve been there already a couple of times in early September to visit the medieval festival. Going by night is especially mesmerizing, as the town is lit only dimly, many people in costumes walk along the tiny brick streets and there is such a charming atmosphere. Although the first time I was pretty upset because I’ve been unwillingly lifted on a torture table and I did not enjoy it at all. Yet now as I am old and ugly I should manage to escape such risks. Ageing has its perks.

On a different note, I am torn because many new cookbooks are being published and I do NOT need any new cookbook but these ones just look so lovely.

Mamushka by Olia Hercules which features recipes from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and neighboring countries
Real Sweet by Shauna Sever with sweet recipes using only natural, unrefined, readily available alternative sweeteners. You can find a recipe on the last post by A Sweet Spoonful.

There are also many recipes around the web that I would like to try, such as:

Vegan barbecue lentils with millet polenta by The First Mess
Smoked salmon and crème fraiche tart with a cornmeal millet crust by A Sweet Spoonful

Have a nice weekend!