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While I always strive to curb my tendency to purchase an excessive amount of cookbooks, I must say that the market is offering many temptations and I am going through a bad phase of compulsive acquisitions.

A message to myself: you are perfectly aware that you own more cookbooks than you will ever manage to use in this lifetime and at least in the next three ones (that is, if you manage to get hold once again of all said cookbooks, which I sincerely hope you won’t), so kindly STOP buying!!!

Let them eat cake
Yet, look at these ones, how am I supposed to resist?

This cookbook is quite unique, at least for my poor knowledge. The author presents classic recipes and suggests possible variations to turn the original fat sugar and gluten laded recipes into something vegan, gluten free or healthier. 

I do like to tinker with recipes, according to my mood and the paucity of my pantry supplies, but to find a professional baker to do it for me could definitely improve the quality of my baking life.

Baking with less sugar
Real sweet by Shauna Sever
Another trend in baking that I always appreciated and I am so glad to see that now is hip relates to the steep decrease of the use of plain and boring white sugar. I do love sugar, like any sensible human being, and I live with two creatures that could survive out of sugar any given day of their existence, but I have been bored of it since decades. I mean: if you check the labels on the food you’re purchasing (ops, yes, I confess: I am one of those pitiful geeks that read the labels) most of the items at the grocery stores contain sugar. Basta! 

Last year I purchased this lovely book Honey & Oats by Jennifer Katzinger that I totally recommend: the recipes are lovely. There is a honey oat quick bread that I adore and it pairs well both with sweet and savory spreads. I will share the recipe in the future.

Now there are these two other books I cannot wait to try (ah, wait, what was I blabbering about in the beginning of this post? Uhm, can’t remember right now…)

Lastly, what about spicing up a little our baking? I just adore lovecommacake. I discovered it only recently this blog and not only is the photography stunning, the recipes are mouth watering and Samantha’s writing is witty, kind and insightful.
New Sugar and Spice
Disclaimer: As usual, all rights belongs to the respective owners and I write these posts only as a reminder to myself of cookbooks I wish to purchase in the future as I have sadly finished the self preached allotment of maximum monthly purchase of cookbooks. I hope nobody minds their pictures showing up here, but just in case let me know.


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