Lentil quesadillas

You can find the true and tested recipe on Pinch of Yum lovely site. 

I saw it yesterday and I instantly decided it was going to be our dinner.

Well, then I glanced at the ingredient list and prepared it in a different way, because that’s the way I am a sloppy cook, I just browse through the first lines, imagine and go. After I have done everything I check again the list and notice all sort of things missing (oh dear, rice was one of those, I’ll try it next time) and start adjusting to get something edible, sort of.

For my records:

½ cup small lentils, cooked under pressure with 1 cup of water (ten whistling minutes)

1 ½ tsp cumin
4 dried chili peppers, crushed (to get some vibrant bite now and then, I love chili peppers)
1 can tomatoes (pelati 450 g
5 sun dried tomatoes (not packed in oil)

1 tbsp olive oil
1 spring onion, sliced
Salt to taste

½ cup grated cheese (I used latteria Agricansiglio)

Start cooking the lentils.

Toast the cumin seeds briefly. Add chili peppers and tomatoes, crush them a little and let simmer for the whole time the lentils are cooking.

Meanwhile sauté the onion in the oil.

Add everything to the cooked lentils and let it simmer a little.
As it was kind of wet (having forgotten the rice as above), I added desiccated coconut and sundried tomatoes to drink up the juices. Adjust seasoning.

Toast piadine on a skillet on one side. Remove from heat. Place the untoasted side of one piadina on the skillet. Add ¼ cup cheese; half of the lentils and the rest of the cheese. Top with other piadina, with the untoasted side on top. Let it warm up for a couple of minutes. Flip on the other side with the help of a plate. Toast for another couple of minutes.

Slice it and enjoy it.

Any flat bread of your liking will do. Actually I would love to experiment with healthier flat breads. Yet I should prepare them myself, we’ll see about that.

You will have enough lentils to make another one. Do not (I say do not) have seconds as we did, especially if you are trying to trim down some of your chubby love handles, better to  have a nice and light side salad (did you hear that? I am talking to my future and still fat self).

It took me 50 minutes to have this dinner on the table, I am this slow. It took about 5 minutes to gobble it down, I can be this quick. Thanks to my other half for doing the washing up.

Disclaimer: all rights belong to their respective owners. Thanks to Lindsay of Pinch of Yum for the lovely dinner idea. As for the rest I put links to stuff I used, like and regularly buy. I hope nobody minds, but just in case let me know.


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