Visualizzazione dei post da Maggio, 2015

Pasta con le sarde e il finocchietto

Hello there, I hope you’re having a nice Friday and that you are looking forward to an awesome weekend. If instead like me you have to go to a continuous education meeting in about an hour and you’re probably planning to get some work done in the weekend because you are way behind schedule, while you will cook some horrible picnic food to bring at the preschool Sunday meeting, welcome aboard dear friend.
Did I mention I am way behind schedule? Oh dear, what am I doing here, I should get back to work.
Just wanted to mention how I love sardines. My mom used to fry them (cleaned fresh sardines dipped in some flour and deep fried, I totally love them). At a certain point it turned out frying food is not exactly healthy (such a pity, if you ask me). So we said goodbye to fried sardines.
Then I kept hearing marvels about pasta con le sarde e il finocchietto (wild fennel).
One day I was strolling around idly (it was a Sunday, my significant other was at work, my parents were on holidays, so …