Stuffed peppers and online shopping disappointments

Hello dearest reader or just myself and some friendly robot around the net, I have two major gripes at the moment:

I. summertime is here, lots of fat veggies are growing up happily and I cannot cook a proper stuffed pepper. 

My stuffed creatures are soggy and I aim to have a roasted sweet perfection crowned by a delectable filling. I have a long way to go. 

I did try a recipe from honey and co. cookbook. While adding spices to the filling definitely did some good, I have to say that the cooking part was not successful. I guess that using an induction stove did not help. 

So I will try again and share (hopefully) better achievements in the future.

II. my other complaint is about my ex favorite online seller which I will not even mention and that I will slowly delete from my tiny blog. 

I have been ripped off. A major amount of money, mind you (i.e. £ 6.44). What gets on my nerves is that this big concern simply ignored my complaint and they have this obnoxious habit to send copycat emails until you give up annoyed. 

So, be careful when making purchases on platforms, as you may end up squandering your money unless you are smart enough to bring up the issue “timely” (i.e. ideally right after delivery estimated last date expired and not later than deadline set by the platform after placing the order). 

Obviously this is in total breach of consumer legislation, but I feel more powerful in never ever purchasing again from them. So yes, you saved a huge amount of money on my refund, dear big company, but you lost a customer that has been purchasing on your site for over a decade.

Now I will get back to my poor neglected files and my messy workdesk.


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