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Now I am hurrying up: I did plan to close down business for summer holidays this Friday (ahem, that is tomorrow, for your information). Alright, I am already postponing my plans to Monday (not a good sign my dear old lady, let me tell you frankly).  I know, I know, but I simply cannot manage to get everything done by tomorrow (just sayin).
What bugs me is that now I only want to take a short nap. I am consistently choosing my readings carefully under that regard and it turns out that napping is a good thing to do, it seems it works wonders, better than cooffee.  I will let you know when I come back from my holidays, because if now I am late, after my nap I will be even later on my gullible super hero schedule.
In my spare time, aside from baking cookies and gaining weight accordingly, I am reading again! What a relief, sometimes I happen to use my brain, how unusual. So I have read the things we know now  by Catherine Dunne  I was actually stuck with it, let me tell you. I started it o…

Cookie monsters

We are a family of three cookie monsters. We eat any sorts of cookies, lots of them.
Now I am in a baking frenzy, despite the heat or probably because of the heat. I cannot stand to have the oven going for more that 20 minutes, the time needed to bake a batch of cookies.
I tried a recipe from Claire Ptak and her oh so gorgeous cookbook - I will eventually share it because it is definitely a keeper.
I also tested Tim and Shanna Mallon oatmeal lace cookies. There are two similar versions in their blog hereand here. I own their cookbook (of course, I am also the cookbook monster). I will tweak their recipe next time because it was cloyingly sweet to me (but not to my other half, who said they are kind of addictive, after gobbling down a respectable amount of them) and reduce the sugar by half and see what happens.
Next recipe on my cookies list is this one.
Yes, I know, I am kind of boringly attracted by oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I may recover sooner or later.

Enjoy your week!

Chocolate chip cookies

In the midst of a very hot summer, I find solace baking cookies, full of fats and sugars, surely it helps to shed a few pounds (does not, of course).
I have already mentioned one recipefrom talented Erin Alderson.
I already own both of her cookbooks and I cannot recommend them enough: doable, immaginative vegetarian recipe that please any palate, so far.
Like these cookies, that were even tested by the very ultimate picky eater, my nephew F., who from the haughty age of 2 can give you much trouble while trying to feed him anything (besides his favorite milk). Yet he almost ate a whole cookie (which is a total success, considering their mammoth size).
The same recipe has been tweaked and pictured beautifully here.
My other favorite chocolate chip recipe is here.
Barely adapted from Erin Alderson, The Homemade Flour Cookbook
100 butter, softened, creamed with 1 cup sugar * , beaten with 2 medium eggs and 1 tsp ron mixed with 1 cup oat flakes, 2 cups whole wheat flour, 2 tsp baking powder,
a pinch o…