Chocolate chip cookies

In the midst of a very hot summer, I find solace baking cookies, full of fats and sugars, surely it helps to shed a few pounds (does not, of course).

I have already mentioned one recipe from talented Erin Alderson.

I already own both of her cookbooks and I cannot recommend them enough: doable, immaginative vegetarian recipe that please any palate, so far.

Like these cookies, that were even tested by the very ultimate picky eater, my nephew F., who from the haughty age of 2 can give you much trouble while trying to feed him anything (besides his favorite milk). Yet he almost ate a whole cookie (which is a total success, considering their mammoth size).

The same recipe has been tweaked and pictured beautifully here. 

My other favorite chocolate chip recipe is here.

Barely adapted from Erin Alderson, The Homemade Flour Cookbook 

100 butter, softened, creamed with
1 cup sugar * , beaten with
2 medium eggs and
1 tsp ron mixed with
1 cup oat flakes,
2 cups whole wheat flour,
2 tsp baking powder,
a pinch of salt,
100 g cranberries,
50 g, almonds and chocolate, each,  coarsely chopped

I made 12 huge cookies.

Bake at 180° C for 15 minutes.

* I will decrease it next time to 2/3 cup