Cookie monsters

We are a family of three cookie monsters. We eat any sorts of cookies, lots of them.

Now I am in a baking frenzy, despite the heat or probably because of the heat. I cannot stand to have the oven going for more that 20 minutes, the time needed to bake a batch of cookies.

I tried a recipe from Claire Ptak and her oh so gorgeous cookbook - I will eventually share it because it is definitely a keeper.

The survivor: please meet the only cookie that made it to day three.
He is not with us any longer. Let him rest in peace.
I also tested Tim and Shanna Mallon oatmeal lace cookies. There are two similar versions in their blog here and here. I own their cookbook (of course, I am also the cookbook monster). I will tweak their recipe next time because it was cloyingly sweet to me (but not to my other half, who said they are kind of addictive, after gobbling down a respectable amount of them) and reduce the sugar by half and see what happens.

Next recipe on my cookies list is this one.

Yes, I know, I am kind of boringly attracted by oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I may recover sooner or later.

Enjoy your week!