Now I am hurrying up: I did plan to close down business for summer holidays this Friday (ahem, that is tomorrow, for your information). Alright, I am already postponing my plans to Monday (not a good sign my dear old lady, let me tell you frankly).  I know, I know, but I simply cannot manage to get everything done by tomorrow (just sayin).

What bugs me is that now I only want to take a short nap. I am consistently choosing my readings carefully under that regard and it turns out that napping is a good thing to do, it seems it works wonders, better than cooffee.  I will let you know when I come back from my holidays, because if now I am late, after my nap I will be even later on my gullible super hero schedule.

In my spare time, aside from baking cookies and gaining weight accordingly, I am reading again! What a relief, sometimes I happen to use my brain, how unusual. So I have read the things we know now  by Catherine Dunne  I was actually stuck with it, let me tell you. I started it out a few months ago and I was reading it with snail speed. The truth is that, as much as I like Dunne’s books (this is my third after In the beginning  and A Name for Himself) I actually found the first part of this novel quite boring. 

[SPOILER ALERT if you are like me and never ever even give a look at a review in fear of getting shatters of the story before submerging yourself in your good read, just skip the next lines]

At first it is pretty shocking, because the main characters Patrick and Ella just found out that their beloved teenage son Daniel has taken his own life. Afterwards the author gets a bit lost in Patrick’s life before that (his first unhappy/happy marriage, the difficult relationship with his first daughter). Then suddenly it goes back to what is the core of the story, Daniel’s extreme choice of death and there I found the compelling Dunne that I like. I could not put it down and it was moving to read through. Yet Dunne gets once again a bit lost when she wants to link the suicide to bullying, but all in all, it was a worthy novel, although not my favorite from her.

Then I started rereading  Farooki’s the way things look at me, about the dysfunctional family of three siblings putting up with Asperger’s syndrome of the youngest sister. (I normally do not reread books, but I forgot I read the first part! How sad is that. Can I possibly blame it on the author? I am afraid not, the book is very special, it's my memory, it's gone!!! If you find it, let me know.) 

Nearby you may wish to read this article about the story of neuroscientists parents dealing with their son’s autism

So much for light summer readings.

Now I go back to my desk for a quick nap and I will possibly tell you in a month or so, should I remember about it, if it is actually better than coffee or it is the usual silly read and then I will still have to take my caffettiera to jump up to my chores.

Wait for me beach, I will be there quite shortly!!!

Enjoy the heat, the sun and some sweet watermelon before it is too late!


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