Di nuovo a casa

Hello there, I am back home.

Oh, well, in fact back at the office desk.

Actually I am still adjusting, as I am as slow as a snail, both in movements and in thoughts.

I hope you had a nice holiday, if you were on holidays, or a passable time at work or at your place, whichever that is.

I spent some time at the seaside, eating lots of fried food (my belly is so totally not happy of pairing up again with my work trousers, let me tell you) and digging holes in the sand and finding whatever garbage the previous cavemen decided to leave as a fossil for us: thank you so much for the ice scream wooden sticks and especially for the cigarette butts. It seems it takes over 20 years for cigarette butts to break up. So I would invite kind smokers to take these actions: 1. Quit smoking, that would be the best for your health and your pockets; 2. Quit dumping cigarette butts on the ground: ever heard of garbage cans? Ashtrays? Walking to the garbage cans is actually good for you, you get to do some sports. 3. Good news is that some people are trying to do something with this litter.  

Also I have been reading crime books: the first one during daylight, the second one during night time! This last option was not good. I was scared of shadows and decided both books will go to the library as soon as possible (with my rhythms, it may mean in a couple of months or so).I have read the blood spilt by Swedish Åsa Larsson  and Mercy by Danish Jussi Adler-Olsen  which were both entertaining and a bit scary. I’ll go back to safe and sound novels for my next readings.

I haven’t been cooking much, but I did try this recipe for chickpea curry by the Pioneer Woman which I found awesome in its simplicity. 

Here’s my version in Italian.

Soffriggi una cipolla tritata in un po’ d’olio e un ricciolo di burro. Aggiungi due cucchiaini di polvere di curry e due scatole di ceci, sgocciolati e sciacquati.  Appena bollono, aggiungi un brik di latte al cocco  ed altrettanta acqua o brodo. Cuoci per qualche minuto. Servi con riso basmati.


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