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Andreis e i muffin alla banana e i semi

Last Sunday we enjoyed going to Andreis for Paesi Aperti 2015 / Open Villages. You may remember that last year we went to Poffabro 
This morning I tried to get rid of some overripe bananas using a recipe from Anna Jones“A modern way to eat”.
They actually turned out lovely and my little one had half of it (big success, let me tell you, especially after he had already drank a glass of milk and two glasses of apple juice).
(Barely adapted)
Mix dry ingredients/Mescola
250 g flour/farina 150 g seeds/semi (poppy/papavero, flax/lino and/e sesam/sesamo) 1 pinch of salt/pizzico di sale 1 tsp baking powder/cucchiaino di lievito
Mix wet ingredients/Mescola 3 bananas,mashed/banane schiacciate 2 eggs/uova 2 tbsp yogurt/cucchiai di yogurt 2 tbsp olive oil/cucchiai di olio d’oliva Juice and zest of one lemon/Succo e buccia di un limone
Fold together/Amalgama il tutto.

Bake at 200°C for about 20 minutes/cuoci a 200°C per circa venti minuti.

Grotte del Caglieron (TV)

I can’t wait for tomorrow. It seems it is going to rain and hopefully the temperatures are going to drop. I cannot concentrate on work issues by this heat (currently 30° C). I can only think about holidays and long to go back to the beach. Luckily it seems that everyone around is pretty slow too, so hopefully nobody will notice.
Last Sunday we visited Grotte del Caglieron (TV) 
It is a nice place to visit also with a toddler: there are wooden bridges that go through the caves and it seems like a small adventure.
On the other hand, the visit was dotted by personal nuisances that have taught me new rules in life:
1. when your toddler says he does not want to go on a daytrip, for the first time ever in his long three years life, he is not whining, he has special divinatory powers;
2. when your loved one says he wants to drive the new car, but you feel nostalgic for the festive atmosphere of the old mobile, get over it;
3. when you order a sandwich in a deserted restaurant and the bar tender do…