Visualizzazione dei post da Ottobre, 2015

The brownies

Hope you had a pleasant weekend.
I went to the seaside to take a walk and it was magic: how lovely to see the sand, the sea, and the sky and to forget about the mass to whom I belong, with all the summer trivial cramming along to survive the holidays.
True to my word I started browsing my cookbook collection and have been cooking several disasters (a leathery chicken curry and an anarchic crumbly flapjack among the lot).
Then yesterday finally a good result adapted from Levi Roots Sweet:
Melt 250 g butter with 250 g chocolate. Whisk 5 happy eggs with 230 g sugar. Sift 125 g flour, 100 g ground pecans, 3 tbsp cocoa, ¼ tsp allspice and cardamom each. Fold everything together. Bake at 180°C (fan) for 25-30 minutes. Enjoy!
Notes: 1. The original recipe calls for good quality dark chocolate and more sugar (300 g caster and 85 g muscovado). I have some chocolate eggs fossils and I have used them up and hence I had to decrease the sugar. I usually melt butter and chocolate in the microwave. I know, …

All-edges brownie cookies from Sugar & Spice

Hello dearest reader,
I have been out and about trying to fix a few issues at work and guess what: there are still many more to be fixed but I will just drop by to jot down another success story, as I believe so can be called cookies that I consider to bake again in the future.
You know already that I am so strongly trying to curb my propensity to purchase cookbooks as I definitely own way too many. Lately I was blabbering about it here and while I give credit to myself for resisting the urge to purchase cookbooks for the whole (oh well, almost) summer, I did fall in the pit again last month ending albeit later (two days ago in October). So now I have set a new unforgiving rule: I must cook at least 3 recipes from 3 cookbooks (each), before I purchase another one (only ONE). I will keep you updated about the strengths (ahem, weaknesses) of my poor self.
After this long and useless prologue (I do have to go back to work, that may explain why I am so wordy in order to avoid it)(stop it!)(…

Sagre nei dintorni

You can sense it is lunchtime because while I am daydreaming of what to do during next weekend all I can think is going to sagre (local festivals).
As usual, I may probably land on my own couch for the whole time, but dreaming is so nice, isn’t it?
Among my reachable (distance wise) picks:
Sagra dellaCastagna (chestnut festival) in Tarzo (TV), Gnoche’n’festa (Gnocchi festival)  in Auronzo (BL)and Delizie D’Autunno (Autumn delights) in Cavasso Nuovo focusing on pumpkin and the typical purple onion of the area.

Next week instead the Fiere del Teatro (Theater Festival) begins in  Sarmede (TV).
Have a nice afternoon!