Visualizzazione dei post da Novembre, 2015

Meal planning, anyone?

I just cannot believe I am my mom’s daughter. My mother is always planning her entire lifetime and that is probably why she has achieved so much (although not as much as she wished for, being the lovely woman a little perfectionist).
As of me, I was probably out and about when the capacity of planning was shared. Wait, are you telling me this is something you can possibly learn? I won’t believe it.
Take the groceries: when my fridge is empty I go to the shop. Sometimes we prepare a list: most of the times we leave it at home. So usually we go back two or three time in a row to the supermarket in order to get whatever necessities we totally forgot. In the meanwhile, I accumulate a bounty of ingredients, that just looked good or were cheap or simply new and I could not live without.
So I come home and struggle for hours to play tetrix with my groceries in order to be able to store them in my tiny and overfilled cupboards and drawers.
Then I am done. I go to work, he goes to work and the li…

Torta di grano saraceno di Marianna Franchi e un po' di foglie autunnali

If you have ever been in Alto Adige you probably have already enjoyed a slice or two or a thousand of this special cake with buckwheat flour.
I actually never thought about baking it at home and I was so totally sure that it contained hazelnuts, but I guess I was wrong... You can find the traditional recipe here
Recently I acquired  di farina in farinaby Marianna Franchi who writes this beautiful blog Menta e Liquirizia
I’ve been coveting this book since it was published and then recently could not resist any longer its mermaid chant.
The book itself is just absolutely brilliant: Marianna is an engineer and you can tell from the impeccable organization of the book. There are recipes using all sorts of flours: the cereals are listed alphabetically and you do not need to flip to the table of contents to find the chapter you are looking for. Each chapter has an individual table of content with the recipes and miniatures of each picture. There are both sweet and savory recipes for anything po…