Meal planning, anyone?

I just cannot believe I am my mom’s daughter. My mother is always planning her entire lifetime and that is probably why she has achieved so much (although not as much as she wished for, being the lovely woman a little perfectionist).

As of me, I was probably out and about when the capacity of planning was shared. Wait, are you telling me this is something you can possibly learn? I won’t believe it.

Take the groceries: when my fridge is empty I go to the shop. Sometimes we prepare a list: most of the times we leave it at home. So usually we go back two or three time in a row to the supermarket in order to get whatever necessities we totally forgot. In the meanwhile, I accumulate a bounty of ingredients, that just looked good or were cheap or simply new and I could not live without.

So I come home and struggle for hours to play tetrix with my groceries in order to be able to store them in my tiny and overfilled cupboards and drawers.

Then I am done. I go to work, he goes to work and the little he goes to school. We come home, we gobble basic stuff like pane e formaggio (bread and cheese), because there is not enough time and brain to cook anything else.

Suddenly it is the weekend and I remember for instance that there are not one, not two, not three but five bunches of radicchio sitting in my fridge. Ahem.

So this is me planning to cook something before the whole lot goes into organic waste. 

I found these recipes which look amazing and that I will not follow but only use as inspiration, because I am that sloppy:

I’ve never ever thought about using potatoes in my lasagna. Yet that could possibly curb the traditional bitterness of radicchio. In my case radicchio di Treviso precoce, quite bitter let me tell you (full disclosure: I have been growing up with radicchio, so if I say quite bitter, it means utterly bitter for untrained tastebuds).
Also I have a slice of fontina that I am going to swap with gorgonzola. Let’s see what happens.

Another seemingly brilliant idea is mixing sweet fennel with radicchio. I will also not follow this recipe, because, well, egg custards in our pasta is a no-no no way never thing for Italian standards. Possibly in some traditional recipes there may be some boiled eggs, but not where I live, mind you. Yet I will pursue the idea of fennel and radicchio stuffed shells.

This is pure genius. Beans and radicchio is a match made in heaven, no less (radici e fasioi, as you may say in our dialect). Yet this recipe is a new take on our classic, with roasted radicchio. I will soak the bean tonight.

Have a nice weekend!