Mock beans on toast

Hello there dearest reader,

We are talking here about fancy food today, as you have guessed from the title of today post.

Now let us clear one point first: in my area, nobody – N O B O D Y – that I am acquainted with has ever been eating beans on toast. I am also not telling anybody – A N Y B O D Y – that I am currently surviving my sad and forlorn lunches at office on beans on toast. So, please let us keep this very well kept secret between you and me.

The thing is, the holidays are coming up, pressing up actually and guess what: I still have to lose the post-baby redundant belly despite my son being 4 years old. I skipped the spring cleanse, the summer fasting, the autumn diet, winter is approaching and my extra weight is still there! Am I doing anything to shake it off? Absolutely not, no worries! So I have decided that I should stop wolfing down nice pizza and not exactly light street food and suddenly a memory resurfaced. Ages ago, when I had no wrinkles and cellulite was not a problem of mine, I went on summer holidays in England and my host family once or twice served me for lunch Heinz baked beans on commercial futile bread. I just so loved it! Thank you guys!

So these days, trying to keep expenses at bay, this is what I eat: I fry 2 tsp of mixed spices and herbs (more on this later) in 1 (ok 2) Tbsp of oil. I add one can of beans (400g) and one small can of tomatoes (200g), bring it to a boil, add 1 tsp honey, add a pinch of salt and that’s it! Ha, how lovely is that. No nutritional value whatsoever but oh so quick and sometimes it even tastes nice. I pour the beautiful concoction on 1 (ok 2) slices of toasted bread.

A note on herbs and spices: dear reader, if you like me have an amazing possession of stale herbs and spices, this is it! You can now throw them in and get read of them without feeling like a jerk because you have been squandering your meager earnings on unused exotic powders. Just mix them in, change every time proportions and enjoy.

I refuse of course to share a picture, my toasts look awful, but you can find a recipe of the real thing here 

Have a nice weekend!