We all know how important is to recycle. Obviously the best would be to avoid producing waste at all; yet in this season of the year this seems so unlikely.

So in order to help the planet, I made up my mind that it was about time to recycle my nuisance of today, which is a freshly baked cake: I had great expectations that went lost soon enough. I tested a new recipe and the dough looked so promising, but I under baked the whole thing and to my biggest dismay the final cake was sadly soggy and dense.

There is a wide tradition of recycling old cakes (trifles, cake pops, charlotte, tiramisu, you name it). I assume that such long standing traditions stem out of gloomy damp cakes as well. 

While surfing the lovely net, I stumbled in my next project, which is called New Orleans Russian Cake or Creole Trifle. The whole web carries so far one only recipe that I will skimp. My plan is to cube the awful loaf, wash it away in some juicy concoction (it will be citrusy and berry colored) and disguise the shameful lot under a thick smear of mascarpone or Greek yogurt. There will be sprinkles as well.

I hope you’ll have good holidays or at least fine bakes.

PS: Meanwhile I am trying to go to the core of the problem. Some say collapsing might depend on overmixing the batter: the solution is to cream butter on medium and blend in dry ingredients at a lower pace. Yet I believe I have done this. Some other say there may be too much sugar, or butter or little or ineffective leavening agent. In my case the cake has risen properly, before turning flat. So I guess the recipe may have had a higher sugar/butter content as desired.

Now I am actually thinking about preparing some custard and reducing the mushy loaf to crumbs.