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Struggles and strudel

I have been struggling all morning with a new version of software and I feel so frustrated about it: all my work seems useless and at the end I am exactly at the point where I begun.
During these unhappy professional times, thinking about desserts is possibly a good remedy to shift from reality (beware nasty software, I’ll be back after lunch break!).
You may remember that I rant now and then about the too many cookbooks I buy – and not always use, ahem – and all my good proposals vanish when I see a new release or an ancient oldie but beautiful ragged thing I must acquire.
I thought moving all the books together would help curbing my habit, but it turned out it only ended up shocking my significant other about the magnitude of my culinary library. He has dared me to cook at least one recipe from each book before purchasing another one.
As I am a person of instinct, I immediately accepted. Only afterwards I have made a rough count and it seems I will not be able to purchase any books fo…
Hello dearest reader,
While I am aware that this is such a futile space on the web, sometimes events strike me and I feel like sharing some humble reflections.
All my thoughts and prayers go to the victims of the earthquake in central Italy and their loved ones. May courage and hope help the survivors and the people working to rescue them! Let the innocent souls who have departed rest in peace.

Letture ed una torta al limone

Hi there,
Hope you’re doing well!
Today I am feeling sleepy, it might be because of the old saying “Aprile, dolce dormire” (April, sleep is sweet). I did try to check if there was an English version, but apparently only Italians sleep more in April, but please feel free to update me if you also feel drowsy at this time of the year.
If you’re feeling like reading, today I felt moved by this article on how autism touched my family.
And if you haven’t already heard from him before, this essay by Paul Kalanithi, How long have I got left, is mind blowing. I have just read his book and his words still linger in my head. I found a thread about it thanks Ben & Birdy  here.  

On a completely different and much lighter note, as you may know, if you’ve read some of my other posts, I kind of like buying cookbooks and among the various ones, I also am the happy owner of Honey and Co. The Baking Book.
I tried their Saffron & lemon syrup cake and despite the unbelievable amount of sugar it…

Venezia: Museo di Storia Naturale

I know, if you’re going to visit Venezia, you probably do not have dinosaurs’ skeletons in mind, but you may be a science nerd or a parent and then things take a different perspective.
Yesterday we had the pleasure to chase our gorgeous four year old through the exhibition spaces of the Museum of Natural History and despite the expected hurry (I mean, the little one had to take a ferryboat - Vaporino as soon as possible), we actually enjoyed our visit.
So yes, while I am not a bone person either and I kind of walked hastily through the taxidermist rooms which smelled of century old dust and forlorn animal souls, I appreciated Mr. Ouranosaurus nigeriensis welcoming us to the Museum and totally enjoyed the deep blue fish room.

The museum is kids friendly, meaning that the staff is actually used to tiny barbarians hovering everywhere and they eye you with sympathy and understanding.
I would stay as far as possible, if you are happily single or still in the un-parent mode or travelling wi…

mugs wishlist

As usual daydreaming about enriching my home with nice little things...Have a nice weekend! 
Disclaimer: All rights belong to the respective owners, I hope nobody minds their pictures to show up here, but just in case let me know.

cooking peas

Hello dearest reader,
I hope you are enjoying a restful moment, before storming to whatever is next in your life.
I do believe life can be difficult, and when I see my little one struggling over trivial issues, such as his mate M. going to enjoy an earlier turn than he does at preschool, I so understand how matters can be complex even in a blessed existence of four years old.
At this very moment I am testing Vegan Richa’s curried peas (not exactly a new recipe, mind you, as it dates back to 2014, you know I am always kind of hip, right?). It just happens that I am in one of my survival moods theme and that recipe seems so easy maintenance & store cupboard based that it has the potential to become a staple in my lonely desk meals at work. How romantic and entertaining, I just wonder why I need to write this stuff down and yes, I accept that if you are rolling your eyes at me or simply skipping to the next web spot, you are so right.
By the way, if you horribly suffer of office distracti…

On books and a recipe to try

Hello my dear,
I am still quite behind schedule. Needless to say, as a professional procrastinator I usually prepare my to-do lists and let them simmer until they pop in my face and I start suddenly to fret about them and try to get things done.
Lately I have been reading! It is always unusual when I decide to open a book (not a cookbook) and get through it, how amazing.
I finally read The Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence.
I have just actually read her biography and I suddenly found in her life some similarities with the main character Hagar. Margaret’s mother died when she was only four (while Hagar’s mother died upon giving birth to her) and an aunt stepped in to take care of her, later marrying her father. I actually find a bit amusing that instead Hagar’s aunt did not manage to get her father to marry her. Also I believe that probably the dysfunctional relationship with her husband may reflect in Hagar’s troubled marriage. 
Overall the book is definitely worth reading, despite the fact…

Sarmede and some blabber on kale

Hello dearest reader,
I hope you are enjoying a few restful minutes of break under a loving sun. If you’re horribly stressed out and surrounded by scorching rain, no worries, I so totally relate and we can always hope for a better future in the next few hours/days/months/years or never ever actually.
If you have never been to Sarmede (TV) I so recommend it. It is a tiny village hidden among the hills where they had this brilliant idea of pursuing the arts. 
As soon as you arrive at the town square and enter the threshold of the exhibition area you feel catapulted in a different dimension. Obviously it a tiny place, but so interspersed by light and childish imagination.
The current exhibition has talented Giulia Orecchia as guest of honour and her illustrations are so vivid and mesmerizing that I am thrilled anytime I take a glimpse of them.
Manyactivities are organized year round to suit all kind of people that enjoy the arts, from theatre to laboratories, readings, you name it. 
My son la…