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Sarmede and some blabber on kale

Hello dearest reader,
I hope you are enjoying a few restful minutes of break under a loving sun. If you’re horribly stressed out and surrounded by scorching rain, no worries, I so totally relate and we can always hope for a better future in the next few hours/days/months/years or never ever actually.
If you have never been to Sarmede (TV) I so recommend it. It is a tiny village hidden among the hills where they had this brilliant idea of pursuing the arts. 
As soon as you arrive at the town square and enter the threshold of the exhibition area you feel catapulted in a different dimension. Obviously it a tiny place, but so interspersed by light and childish imagination.
The current exhibition has talented Giulia Orecchia as guest of honour and her illustrations are so vivid and mesmerizing that I am thrilled anytime I take a glimpse of them.
Manyactivities are organized year round to suit all kind of people that enjoy the arts, from theatre to laboratories, readings, you name it. 
My son la…